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  Content Update - Infernus Tuning - 01/10/2018
Posted by: Helomyname - 01-10-2018, 21:14 - Forum: News - Replies (20)

Content Update - Infernus Tuning - 01/10/2018
Happy October Everyone!

Today we bring you a little content update, namely additional tuning exclusively for Infernus. The new parts included are:
  • 2 new Bodykits: Veilside and Kakimoto
  • 6 new Spoilers, including Kakimoto and Rocket Bunny
  • 2 Lights options: Pop-Up Lights, and Facelift
[Image: RmJIeMD.png]             [Image: iFRPfMl.png]

But that's not all. These little single-car tuning updates will hopefully be a more frequent occurrence, We hope you, the players, will like this direction for NFS:SA. And yes, muscle cars are still coming.

Additional Notes:
  • New Sound for Infernus
  • Fixed A-Type Spoiler Bug
Have fun playing!

  Update 13-14.07.2018
Posted by: bartekPL - 13-07-2018, 20:34 - Forum: News - Replies (20)

Server Script Update 13-14.07.2018
Server will be closed for about an hour at about 22:30 server time.


  • Added in-game changelog that appears after login if there are changes on server - now with it you will be informed about all next small changes = more small updates instead of waiting for major updates .
  • Due to changes introduced in this update you need to update booster if you're using it.
  • Fixed Deluxo scores in garage/races/performance shop.
  • Improved custom races system by allowing players to choose vehicle before joining lobby.
  • Custom races now update automatically while you're in menu, no need to refresh them all the time.
  • Time trials now show time left until next availible race in main race mode selection menu.
[Image: 9Q5eLvD.png]

  • Added ability to spectate races, race creator can specify if his race can be spectated, and set custom password for spectators.
  • The controls as spectator are as follows: left/right arrow to change between spectated players, 'O' to open side menu that displays statistics and ability to leave race.
  • All race types except of drag have been fully prepared for spectating. Drag is working, but isn't perfectly synced for now.
[Image: f7Gsa6D.png]

Quick races:
  • Removed old quick races system, replaced it with new one, that allows you to select multiple vehicles and search for race with all of them.
  • As this system is completely new, expect some minor problems with it, all feedback is welcome.
[Image: PQYPh8d.png]

  • Added ability to join races from freeroam, by default you need to use 'shift + k' to open the menu. To be able to open the menu you need to be standing still, and not be in any marker.
  • You can stop Magazine / Diamond Hunt event using F6 (or the key you have assigned for leaving stuff).
New camera modes:
  • Added completely new, mouseless camera modes inspired by NFS games.
  • Camera has 5 modes: near/far follow, drift camera, hood camera, and bumper camera.
  • All of camera settings are configurable in server settings.
  • Old camera modes are still availible and useable, you can change camera modes using default camera change key.
  • New camera modes have custom "jump camera" mode that is used while in big jumps, you can disable it in camera settings.
  • Camera has 2 presets, normal and drift one, it will automatically change to last one used in given mode.
[Image: p85n7Z4.png]

  • Each rim can be now selected individually, meaning you can use 4 different rims at the same time.
  • All rims share the same size due to technical limitations.
  • You can mix normal rims with spinners, you can't mix any of them with offroad wheels due to technical limitations.
  • Added ability to color car decals in Paint Shop.
  • You can now choose exhaust color in Accessories Shop.
  • Vinyls selection now show preview image in the bar at the bottom of the screen. (Disabled for body/camo/special vinyls).
  • At layers view in paint shop your vinyls are displayed along with used colors in the bottom bar.
  • Added one additional vinyl layers pack exchangeable for task point.
  • Added 2 more vinyl layers availible in paintshop by default.
  • Added 1 more vinyl layer for donators.
  • Added text input for color selection, by default it uses server custom hsv format, but you can enter HEX color codes into it, like "#FF00FF".
  • Added text input for vinyl position, the bottom and top limits are still the same, but you can position vinyls a bit more precisely using decimal numbers.
  • Added ability to sell vinylpoints, 3 for $1000.
[Image: YgmlAX0.png]   [Image: NmSJ15S.png]  [Image: oTvgPE8.png]

Rims system:
  • Old rims system was replaced with new one to accomodate the ability to use different rims on each wheel.
  • It should be more optimized, but as with all new things it may have it's problems, if you notice anything out of place with it, report that on forum.
[Image: RA89Ht7.png]

  • Removed some issues that were causing URLs to be stuck in limbo, hopefully those were all the issues, and URLs aren't gonna do that anymore.
  • Removed ability to drive vehicle using controller while in freeroam menus (for example URL one ya ppl.)
  • Fixed issue with crew permission that blocked people with proper permissions from changing other people ranks.
  • Fixed some issues that caused very slow garage loading, and not applying tuning to cars in garage (very rare bug)
  • Fixed exploit that allowed people to start police pursuits in wrong dimension, resulting in cops in freeroam, races and URLs.
  • Fixed some issues with race/duel/magazine timers that allowed people to abuse them.
  • Fixed neons not displaying under car in garages.
  • Cars in paint shop were given proper paintjobs instead of having all tuning applied to them at once.
  • If ya had static cars enabled, you could observe beautiful big phoenix car stuck halfway in the ground in some garages, fixed it.
  • Fixed some issues that allowed you to bug garage entering.
  • Fixed some issues that allowed you to get your camera stuck in place when entering garage.
  • Removed ability to reset car position in most menus while in freeroam, as it somehow allowed bugging too.
  • Fixed car visual score being 0.0 when entering some garages.
  • Optimized many parts of the gamemode, race UI should be having less effect on game performance.
  • Rewritten entire vinyls loading system to remove unnecessary actions and reduce memory usage in places that allowed us to.
  • Fixed some issues caused by leaving drift/speedtrap races while final countdown was enabled.
  • Fixed some issues with map selector not stoping rendering quickly enough when going back in menus.
  • Fixed car windows being visible from one side only.
  • Fixed some lags when entering car selection in garage, that were caused by tuning manager trying to apply tuning multiple times.

New maps and vinyls

We already started working on adding new maps and vinyls, but because we wanted to release this update as soon as possible we didin't manage to finish this work in time.
You can expect new maps and vinyls in the next few days - you will be informed about them by new in-game changelog. 

  New developers wanted - scripter and modeler
Posted by: bartekPL - 05-05-2018, 13:13 - Forum: News - No Replies

New developers wanted - scripter and modeler!

Due to situation that our team don't have much time to do anything for server like before, we decided to open special recruitment for new scripter and 3D modeler.

Scripter Recruitment

To apply for NFS:SA scripter, you have to meet requirements listed below:
  • Age: 16+
  • At least 6 months of experience with NFSSA
  • At least intermediate skills in Lua and MTA:SA and some general programming skill
  • Should be familliar with MySQL
  • Communicative English skills
  • Some free time and not expecting high revenue (which depends on amount of donates – so it’s only symbolic)
Also, you have to answer those questions:
  1. Name/nickname:
  2. Age:
  3. Country:
  4. English skills (1-10):
  5. Experience with NFSSA:
  6. Experience with programming in Lua and MTA:SA:
  7. What’s your general programming skill? Do you know any other programming language?:
  8. [Lua] What’s the difference between local and global variable? How we declare them and when/where should we use them?:
  9. [Lua] What’s the difference between passing variable to a function by a reference and by value? How are passed tables, strings and numbers?:
  10. [Lua] What are coroutines? Can we do something useful with them?:
  11. [Lua] What’s OOP? What are advantages of using it? How do we declare classes and create their objects? Show some example of your code of OOP in Lua (declaration + usage example, max 40 lines of code):
  12. Do you have some powerful MTA:SA script, made by you, that you can show to us and prove your skills?:
  13. Why do you want to become an NFS:SA scripter? What would you like to take care of and how much free time would you have to achieve this? How can we trust you to give access to files?:
  14. As an NFS:SA developer, what do you expect from us?:

And to show your skills, you have to make a following MTA script as a task:

Make a script, that draws 3D icons in front of few garages in doherty.
  • Script loads XYZ position, icon RGB color, garage name and icon file from XML database, which is client-side.
  • Each icon should be stored as own OOP class object.
  • Used OOP class should have own render function (with all required calculations for a single icon) that is called from master render function (with loop through global container).
  • You should render icon only if you are nearby it and it is on screen (also should be properly scaled according to distance to keep perspective).
  • Icon should be rendered using dxTexture, which is created from given file (you can hardocde few icons in meta.xml, icons can be random images in grayscale with alpha channel, becuase they are colorized using given RGB color, but with proper power of two resolution).
  • DxTexture format: loaded as DXT5 texture from .PNG files.
  • If you use one icon file for few garages, you have to keep only one copy of texture in memory instead of having own texture by each icon – to achieve this you may need additional utility functions with table with data or utility OOP class for managing textures.
  • If you enter an icon (you may need invisible marker for each icon), client sends message to server which outputs on chat (and additionaly saves to own log file with current date and time) name of entered icon and nickname of player who did it. After it, server sends back message to player and then this icon is destroyed on  client-side and is no longer accessible for player (until resource restart or reconnect).
  • If all icons that share same texture get destroyed, this texture should be also removed from memory – you may need additional counter for each texture in texture utility script and destroy texture when it gets down to 0.
  • Same with loading textures – only needed textures should be loaded into memory.
  • For destroying icons, icon class should have a Destroy function that releases memory used by object, removes object from global container and calls texture manager to release used dxTexture (if possible).
  • When resource stops, Destroy function should be called on all icons that exist yet to make sure that memory is cleaned properly.

If you have problem with some part of this task or understanding something, just contact and ask for help Quindo or bartekPL.

Filled application and done task script please send to bartekPL.

Modeler Recruitment
Already found


  • At least 6 months of experience with NFSSA
  • Use 3DS Max
  • Can create and edit low-poly and mid-poly models
  • Can UV map models
  • Communicative English skills
  • Some free time and not expecting high revenue (which depends on amount of donates – so it’s only symbolic)

Description of yourself, why would like to be a NFSSA modeler, your experience and some screenshots of your work please send to Venom or Helomyname.

  Second Server Anniversary! + Sad news?
Posted by: bartekPL - 03-03-2018, 00:16 - Forum: News - Replies (20)

Second Server Anniversary!
We are glad to inform you that in the 4th March (sunday) evening there will be exactly 2 years since server started!

That's a lot of time but for us those 2 years passed like 2 days. We are so happy that you, players, are still with us! It's amazing how this project changed and improved with you. We hope you will be with us for next 2 years.

Due to this special time we would like to give you few bonuses:
  • since 3th to 5th (3 days, saturday to monday) x2 RP and cash from all races
  • all diamond hunts done on 3th, 4th or 5th March will give you guaranteed jackpot with guaranteed extra reward! (current progress doesn't matter, it can be even day #1)
  • if you join server on 4th March you will receive free premium for 2 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 4th)
  • many special URL events with high rewards multiplier

Special event for anniversary?

And here we start sad part of news.
We will try our best to organise an anniversary event in the sunday evening but we can't promise that.
If anything will change - we will inform you and update this post immediately.
Reason for this is described below.

What's next?

In every sideproject developer life there is a moment, when he has less and less time and motivation to do anything related with that project.
Exactly same situation happened here. After two years of intense and volunteer work, our whole NFS:SA Team is too tired of it. Many of you already noticed less activity from our side. Everyone started following their own path and focusing on more important things - university, work, family...

We don't have as much time for the server as before and we have to use it smartly.
Because of it we decided to suspend updates with new features and only time to time give you update with maps, improvements and bugfixes.

The last "new feature" update we are going to release are promised Muscle Cars in few weeks (in the worst situation even months, but we try our best to make it as soon as possible).
After that we will work only on bugfixes, improvements, and sometimes add new maps and vinyls.

Of course we don't abandon project - we will still moderate and manage server and help you like before.


  Update 23-24.12.2017
Posted by: bartekPL - 23-12-2017, 23:51 - Forum: News - Replies (20)

[Image: qBBzvHv.png]

Server will be closed for about an hour.
TIP: Click images to open full gallery!

Team changes

At the begin we would like to tell something about changes in NFS:SA Team.
Our great Super Moderator - deadboy - left our team and server. We all would like to thank for his excellent work, his activity and for everything he did for the server.
Thank you friend, have a good time and remember that you are always nicely welcomed here!

Diamond Hunt

[Image: 4WCycnp.jpg]

Popular activity known from NFS World has been finally released!

How does it work? Everyday players can search for diamonds hidden in freerun mode in specific zone. By opening map ("M" key) you can check where is your zone. To complete daily diamond hunt you have to find all 10 diamonds. Finished hunt gives you different reward, since money and RP up to Jackpot!
By doing Diamond Hunt for days in a row, your rewards increase, for many days you can get special reward:
  • 20 days - Diamond Hunter Speedometer
  • 30 days - Diamond Neon
  • 50 days - Unlock Deluxo NEW UNIQUE CAR
Since 7th day, you have chance to win a Jackpot everyday. Inside Jackpot you can find one of main rewards like $10,000 or 1 TaskPoint. Inside every Jackpot you have also 25% chance to find one of special Diamond Hunt item. It can be:
  • vinyls
  • special speedometer
  • special rims
At 10th and 40th day you have 100% guaranteed jackpot.
You can check progress of your Diamond Hunt in "Progress and Rewards" panel.
Remember that skipping one day will reset your Diamond Hunt progress to the beginning!

Los Santos Airport + Motorland

[Image: fig3AgD.png]

Second map expansion!

Los Santos Airport has been removed and replaced with new, extended Airport.
LSAP is now second URL location with 6 tracks!
Because of Christmas time, first URL on new location will be launched at 26th December (tuesday) evening (specific time is not known yet).

New LSAP contains also extra track called Motorland. Motorland is used for 4 new Drift and Street-X circuits.
Both, LSAP and Motorland are open and available in freerun mode.

[Image: HNo4hh9.jpg]

Tuning Update - SUV and Vintage

[Image: oeNLUrO.png]

What to say - all SUV and Vintage cars (including unique cars) received full tuning update with new bodykits.

[Image: Vc8gqaZ.png]

New car - Deluxo

Deluxo is new unique unlockable by finishing 50 Diamont Hunts in a row (50 days).
This time we are gonna keep it as mystery car and do not tell much about it unless you unlock it by yourself.

[Image: DDYwXhe.png]

New maps
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 1
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 1 [R]
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 2
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 2 [R]
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 3
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 3 [R]
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 4
  • [Drift] Motorland Track 4 [R]
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 1
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 1 [R]
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 2
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 2 [R]
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 3
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 3 [R]
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 4
  • [Street-X] Motorland Track 4 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 1
  • [URL] LSAP Track 1 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 2
  • [URL] LSAP Track 2 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 3
  • [URL] LSAP Track 3 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 4
  • [URL] LSAP Track 4 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 5
  • [URL] LSAP Track 5 [R]
  • [URL] LSAP Track 6
  • [URL] LSAP Track 6 [R]
[Image: PqXaR9q.png]

Minor handling changes
  • Intruder
  • Manana
  • Bravura
  • Primo
  • A-Type
  • BeeJay XL
  • Buggy
  • Kalahari
  • Patriot
  • Walton
  • Cadrona
  • Previon
  • Kuruma
  • Fortune
  • Club
  • Vincent
  • Blista Compact
  • Monroe
  • Sentinel
  • Jester
  • ZR-130
  • Elegy
  • Mamba
  • Counthash
  • Turismo
  • Banshee
  • Locust 69

Other changes
  • In "Progress and Rewards" panel added option to exchange 5 BodyPoints for $1,000
  • In "Progress and Rewards" panel added option to exchange 2 BodyPoints for 1 VinylPoint
  • In Car Lot classes and their unique cars are now separated in different subcategories
  • In Race Lobby removed visibility of player's RP
  • Added option to change crew leader
  • Added new crew rank: Can't write on crew chat
  • Added new crew rank: Can't read crew chat
  • Crew ranking can be now sorted by different crew stats
  • Added notifications when crew member joins or leaves server
  • In settings panel you can now block incoming crew invitations
  • Improved map visible by pressing "M" key - it can be now moved and zoomed
  • Added new 3 tasks for Diamond Hunt
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Added 2 new regular speedometers (you have to unlock them via TaskPoints) and improved look of current ones
[Image: zuEhO3p.jpg]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Whole NFS:SA team would like to wish you all a happy and merry Christmas.
We hope you have a great time with your family and friends, a delicious and satisfying Christmas dinner, and the best presents under the tree.
Thank you for all the moments spent playing on our server, and here's to more of them in the next week and the coming years.

[Image: wJu1khE.png]

Due to Chirstmas and New Year's Eve time, since 24.12.2017 to 01.01.2018 bonus x2 to RP and money from all races!

Merry Christmas!