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  Update - 30/09/2019 - NFS:SA Classic
Posted by: bartekPL - 30-09-2019, 20:39 - Forum: News - Replies (9)

Server update 30/09/2019

Server will be closed at 21:00 Polish time to apply the update.

October - The Month of NFS:SA

March 4th - this is the day that all of you know as NFS:SA's anniversary. Well, you are right, but... you are also wrong. Yes, the server was released on 4th March, 2016, but this is already the second version of this server - NFS:SA 2.0. Not many of you know that NFS:SA is much older and started long before 2016. 

So, if not 4th March 2016, then, when? 27th October 2012 - this is the day the very first version of NFS:SA was released. It was tiny, extremely bugged and unpopular. It was closed and reopened many times with database reset just after release, but, without a positive result until a long break in late 2013 and successful relaunch in March 2016 (introducing open beta - late 2015).

The development of the first NFS:SA started at the beginning of 2012, so, this project is already 7 years old!

New server - NFS:SA Classic

[Image: GobNrO3.png] [Image: 95Kq1wR.png] [Image: w7BdUnz.png] [Image: gPoIyPW.png] [Image: 1YFMWba.png] 

Is there anyone here that remembers the old NFS:SA? No? Then you have possibility to try it out on your own!
In my old archives I found a working copy of the old NFS:SA from 2013, marked as version v0.2b and I managed to successfully launch it on the current MTA version.

To celebrate it, we decided to open for you a new, special NFS:SA Classic server with the gamemode from 2013 during October 2019. It means that from 01/10/2019 to 31/10/2019 you will be able to join the NFS:SA Classic server and check on your own how it was 6 years ago.

NFS:SA Classic Server will be launched during night time from 30.09 to 01.10 at a random hour without any additional announcement to avoid too many players joining at the same time.
Server will be available at:

Classic server is connected with main server - after joining you won't create a new account there but instead log in using your existing account from main NFS:SA server.

Notice: Classic server is out of any support - the script is very old and not easy to develop on. If you found a bug - ignore it and try to reconnect (recommended after first join). Remember that this is a totally different server with it's own mechanics and many things work in a different way than on main server.

Classic Speedometer

A few of you managed to find screenshots from the old NFS:SA and immediately noticed one thing - speedometer. As you know, the current NFS:SA has speedometers based on NFS:Underground 2 style, but the old NFS:SA had the speedometer from NFS:Underground 1. Many of you have asked for this old speedometer for a long time due to its uniqueness and claiming it's just better.
Specially for you, we decided to move this speedometer into current NFS:SA as an unique speedometer.

[Image: 06t74fS.png] [Image: xcYKYgw.png]

To unlock it, all you have to do is to join NFS:SA Classic and play at least 40 races there (time-trials count too) - after that you will get a special achievement and the classic speedometer will be automatically unlocked on the main server.
The possibility to unlock this speedometer is very limited, because you only have till 31st October, when the classic server will be closed, so you better hurry up!

New changes on main server:
  • URL announcements in chat mention URL location
  • Respawning a flipped car in freerun no longer makes it face the opposite direction
  • More respawn spots around freerun
  • Several tracks had their rewards adjusted
  • Added many more magazine spots and now 3 chosen spots are random

I hope you enjoy NFS:SA Classic. Have a good October!

  Server Update - 09/09/2019
Posted by: Quindo - 09-09-2019, 19:18 - Forum: News - Replies (15)

Server update 09/09/2019

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time to apply the update


Base rewards changes:
4 players race:
  •  1st place +6%
  •  2nd place +14%
  •  3rd place +31%
  •  4th place +82%
3 players race:
  •  1st place +8%
  •  2nd place +21%
  •  3rd place +61%
2 players race:
  •  1st place +11%
  •  2nd place +41%
Therefore, for better results play races with 4 players.

Various other changes:
  • Small buff for high lap count races.
  • Quick race buff +4.5%
  • Custom race buff +3%
  • Quick races give 33% higher rewards than custom races with same race settings.
  • Certain tracks got buffed due to their difficulty and technical skills required.
On top of that, race type buffs:
  •  Circuits +5%
  •  Sprints +30%
  •  Drags +25%
  •  Street-x +5%
  •  Drift +10%
  •  Speedtraps +35%
  •  Offroad Circuits +13%
  •  Offroad Sprints +46%
Bodypoint drop changes:
  •  Buffed base multiplier + extra chance depending on total race distance (track distance x laps), race type and track difficulty. Still much higher chance if you are first.
  •  Beginner bonus multiplies bodypoint drop chance 1.5x
More bodypoints and vinylpoints for weekly top times.


New experimental lamp breaker has been added to server, it's only available to users using latest nightly version of MTA, so if you want to test it out, make sure you're using it. It can be configured here, just change the build type to Nightly and check for updates

[Image: MoRLUvO.png]

The new lamp breaker completely replaces old system, it also is available to be used in freeroam, to enable/disable it there, go to F11 settings > gameplay.

Since it's an experimental system, please notify us of any bugs that you find! (we already know that some objects just go `poof` on touch, without break animation)

Hope you enjoy the changes, and let's hope we can get more updates out soon!

  Content Update - 28/07/2019
Posted by: MatthewChow - 28-07-2019, 21:56 - Forum: News - Replies (17)

[Image: headerrender_by_theportugueseplayer_ddcr...36z_NIGQ4Q]

Server will be closed at 22:20 server time for about ten minutes while we apply the update.

This update brings a good selection of new content!

Lets start with the new maps!

  • Crossing (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Pts.of.Dhrty, by Orbacle
  • Underside (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Baller (reverse included), by Remolit
  • Construction, by Remolit
  • Verano (reverse included), by Tekk & Scoob
  • Verano (reverse included), by Tekk & Scoob
  • Construction, by Remolit

And now... The cars!

Two of the class A cars got a complete overall:

Counthash, with a new kit made by our newest addition to the developers team, DisturbedForce, named 5000 Quattrovalvole 2!
[Image: ddcqpxf-d85a4a0f-ab5a-4757-89a3-6a1fc3cf...PWMZoy6ozI] [Image: ddcqpwy-700a321e-bf23-4708-b93e-17d683e3...nbGbCqs__8]
Screenshots by Fayde and broski

And Banshee, with two new kits by Helomyname and yours truly, MatthewChow!
- Speed12 -
[Image: ddcqpvn-b41c3ddb-f61e-46f6-8ea1-99ad2018...jeKVM2cDyM] [Image: ddcqpvh-dd728350-4bda-4a65-a15a-e29adb60...AloTSMJ7aY]
Screenshots by Angel_Ghost and Remolit

- and Custom Series -
[Image: ddcqpwc-69899eb2-5beb-497b-8ed0-c349d788...flSEM7TMas] [Image: ddcqpvy-888c63d6-ec21-4ffd-ac4b-7c3f5735...H7KLiRrzh4]
Screenshots by MatthewChow and broski

In addition to the bodykits, the following parts were added:

  • Roof extras (same as Uranus and Beamer);
  • Headlight and taillight variants to suit the new kit;
  • 2 new taillight types.
  • Windshield Banner;
  • Aerodynamic Side Wing Mirrors;
  • 5 new roofs;
  • Exhaust variants that suit each bodykit.
Bug Fixes:
- The models for the tires of aftermarket wheels were fixed to now present a smooth surface.
- Various spots in the Freerun map that present various types of issues.

And lastly, I'd like to thank Zarig, the developer of the DragonFF addon for Blender, that has been developing the only functioning Renderware DFF tools pack compatible with Blender 2.80 based on my feedback and that has been to great effort to make this addon compatible with our server, making it possible, for the very first time in this server's history, to export game-ready models directly out of Blender!
You can get the latest version of his addon for free on GitHub!

That's all.
Now, go have fun, everyone!

  Server update - 22/07/19
Posted by: Orbacle - 22-07-2019, 19:32 - Forum: News - Replies (10)

Server update 22/07/2019

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time to apply the update

Airport fast travel

After several years of being a suggestion, airport fast travel has been added to the freerun mode.
To use it, go to one of plane icons marked on the map and select your desired destination:
  • Los Santos Airport
  • San Fierro Airport
  • Las Venturas Airport
  • Verdant Meadows Abandoned Airstrip
  • Mount Chiliad (one way)
  • Bayview Speedway
A single fast travel trip has a fixed price of 50$ and is unusable during magazine runs, police pursuits and duels.

[Image: unknown.png]

Bayview Speedway

With almost 2 years since the URL update, Bayview Speedway is now available for access in freerun mode via new airport fast travel feature!

[Image: bayv.png]

Map fixes
  • Some changes to Terminal Airport to reduce lags
  • Bugged fence on Seamen has been removed

Upcoming feature updates will include quality of life and race improvements.

See you on the server!

  Content Update - Uranus 3/7/2019
Posted by: MatthewChow - 03-07-2019, 18:43 - Forum: News - Replies (11)

[Image: uranusupdateheadercard3july_by_theportug...qffDNwTJfo]

Server will be closed at 20:00 server time for about an hour while we apply the update.

October 2018 was the month I had the pleasure of being given full permission to start fiddling with Uranus. Today, 9 months of work later, a beautiful baby is born.

The new parts:
  • 3 new Bumper Sets
  • 4 new Hoods
  • 27 new Headlight Types
  • 26 new Taillight Types
  • 5 new Roofs
  • 10 new Roof Extras (including Beamer's Police lights)
  • 3 new Wing Mirror Designs (as Sidewindow mods)
  • 15 new Spoilers
  • 6 new Exhausts
  • The Windshield Banner in Louvres
  • 4 new Bodykits:
- ProStreet
[Image: 1_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi27-pre.jpg...Hwol71OqOo]  [Image: 11_by_theportugueseplayer_ddat661-pre.jp...gOcwKdHMqE]

- Slanty Boy
[Image: 10_by_theportugueseplayer_ddat668-pre.jp...EJfr3DrUYU]  [Image: 2_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi1s-pre.jpg...JK03xP467s]

- Fatlady
[Image: 5_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi0v-pre.jpg...v_jedDWQio]  [Image: 4_by_theportugueseplayer_dd8vi15-pre.jpg...WjMCVJW948]

- Immortan Joe
[Image: e1_by_theportugueseplayer_ddath5r-pre.jp...6uCuNB8two]  [Image: e2_by_theportugueseplayer_ddath5f-pre.jp...v9xxFQb-IA]

Additional Notes:
- The vinyls positioning has had a small fix done to it. It is now possible to paint the spoilers separately on Uranus if you place your vinyls just below the rear wheel.

During this whole time I had the privilege of playing with Uranus all I wanted, like some greedy boy, but now it's time to share.

It's your turn to play with Uranus too, and I hope you have lots of fun doing it!

But wait! There's more...

We know that not being able to buy premium via SMS anymore sucks, so, to make things easier for you, from now on you'll have access to 8 free garage slots instead of the usual 5!

Have fun, everyone!