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We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

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  Update 15-16.10.2016 - Weekly Toptimes
Posted by: bartekPL - 15-10-2016, 23:45 - Forum: News - Replies (6)

Update 15-16.10.2016 - Weekly Toptimes

Because of no low competitive and unbeatable records, we decided to introduce something new - Weekly Toptimes. What does it mean? It means that every week (midnight saturday-sunday) all toptimes records will be automatically reseted. All weeks will be archived and available for everyone through our website. Now you will can check last records in real time on our website and check records from previous weeks.
But what will happen with current toptimes? Don't worry. They will be cleared, true, but within few days they will appear as old archive Smile

Other changes
  • /ignorepm cmmand is now available for everyone
  • Minor fixes and improvements
New maps
  • Soon...

  Changes in team and maps
Posted by: bartekPL - 05-10-2016, 23:14 - Forum: News - Replies (4)

This is short but important news. Three new members have officially joined NFSSA Team: Helomyname, Quindo and Spotlight!

The future of "Maps Showroom" section
As many of you have already noticed, there is some mess in this section, many unchecked and delayed maps. The problem was with amount of free time and priority of other things.
Fortunately, since now Helomyname takes whole care of this section. Now he will be responsible for accepting, checking and programming maps.
What does it mean? It means that since now new maps will be chacked more regularly and with as low delays as possible.
If you your map still waits for response or is not added yet for a long time, please refresh your thread and resend map to Helomyname if needed!

New Maps
For good beginning we also added few late maps on server:

  • [Sprint] Ahtuba
  • [Sprint] Ahtuba [R]
  • [Sprint] Three Cities
  • [Sprint] Three Cities [R]
  • [Circuit] Fierro Madness
  • [Circuit] Fierro Madness [R]
  • [Circuit] Los Fierros
  • [Circuit] Los Fierros [R]
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Mountain Run
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Mountain Run [R]
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Trail Train
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Trail Train [R]
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Ready to Find a Farmer?
  • [Off-Road Circuit] Ready to Find a Farmer? [R]

  Update 10-11.09.2016
Posted by: bartekPL - 11-09-2016, 00:49 - Forum: News - Replies (11)

Update 10-11.09.2016

Daily Magazines

Magazines has been finally added! Everyday you can do one magazine. To do it, just drive to the star icon in freerun mode and drive 3 passes. Magazine covers are stored on remote server and everyone have own link to his online profile with covers in garage in magazines menu.
Vinyl Run - do 3 magazines in a row within 3 days with car which has visual rating at least 3 stars (you don't need always same car, just 3 stars) and you'll be able to unlock one of three randomized vinyls (like via 1 TaskPoint but without paying).
Everyone can have maximum 20 covers but you can delete them in garage. Premium users don't have this limit.

Other changes
  • New SUV - Patriot
  • Unique Vintage - A-Type ("something super secret")
  • Renamed current Gloss paint to Standard (flat)
  • Renamed current Matte paint to Absorbent
  • Improved Metalic paint
  • Added Gloss paint NEW
  • Added Matte paint NEW
  • Added Pearlescent paint NEW
  • Added 6 new tasks (magazines).
  • Added new vinyls available to unlock (17 new items to unlock)
  • Added crew MOTD (Message Of The Day) (check permissions in ranks)
  • Added crew description (check permissions in ranks)
  • Now you can invite players to your crew using command /crewinvite <id or nick>
  • Improved displaying online status of crew members
  • Added Far Clip Distance slider in video settings (useful for weak PC owners)
  • Player blips are now behind garage blips on radar
  • Players from same crew have now yellow-colored radar blips
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

New Maps
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Country
  • [Off-Road Sprint] Offroad Country [R]
  • [Sprint] Night Of Fire
  • [Sprint] Night Of Fire [R]
  • [Circuit] The Third Way
  • [Circuit] The Third Way [R]
Added 14.09.2016
  • [Sprint] Sphinxter
  • [Sprint] Sphinxter [R]
  • [Circuit] Casino's Ride
  • [Circuit] Casino's Ride [R]
  • [Circuit] Casino Race
  • [Circuit] Casino Race [R]
  • [Circuit] Fuel Injection
  • [Circuit] Fuel Injection [R]

More maps will be added within few days after update and this list will be updated!

  Change your passwords!
Posted by: bartekPL - 25-08-2016, 01:27 - Forum: News - Replies (21)

Dear NFSSA players, as most of you already know, recently our server was attacked.

While we are working hard on securing our data to prevent it from happening in the future, we kindly ask you all to change your passwords to something that isn't used on any other server.
When looking for damages we found out that the attack has been done by Toffy from another polish server, called It's Your World. If any of you have account created over there, you need to change passwords immediately, because they are most likely stealing them during account creation.
Part of their team that we suspect was behind the attack is now banned from server, and main person behind attack got globally banned from MTA as a whole.
We want to remind all the players, that while most servers protect your password properly, there are also many servers that were created to steal your data, you shouldn't ever reuse passwords on different servers!
The command for changing password on server is “chgmypass oldpass newpass”, please use it in console (F8) to avoid showing your password in chat.
Fortunately no account data was leaked from our server during the attack, but as a precaution we suggest everyone to change their passwords.
We are very thankful for all the support from our player base, and we are doing our best to make the experience even better for all of you.

  Attack on server
Posted by: bartekPL - 23-08-2016, 01:30 - Forum: News - Replies (13)

Every big MTA server has many enemies and sooner or later it will come time when attacks start.
Unfortunately, this time NFS:SA was a target.
22th of August 2016, around 8pm hackers attacked and destroyed our server database.
Fortunately we have backups every night and only database has been touched.
So what did we lose? Last 16 hours of gameplay.
We're afraid that we are not able to recover your stats obtained during this time, but because it's a serious thing and destruction was real, we decided to give you some refund.

All accounts got free 1-day premium and for next 3 days (till 25.08.2016 23:59) there will be additional multiplier 2x for earned RP and cash from races!

This is also lesson for us to keep important data safer, but we hope that you'll understand and not forget about us because we will never forget about you - players.

Best Apologies,