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  Content Update - Tuning Parts, Challenge Series, Weathers and Fixes 16/08/2020
Posted by: syaan - 16-08-2020, 19:34 - Forum: News - Replies (15)

[Image: 8zgtzm8bo0l5d169g.jpg]

Server will be closed for some time while we are applying the update.

Finally! After a long wait, this became the biggest update!

As a consolation for the long wait for the update and UV Mapping changes, we enable 1.5x rewards for a week and everybody who joins in the first two days after the update gets free 2 days premium!


Tuning Parts :

Our modeler team (Helomyname, Arunn, MatthewChow and Syaan) worked hard to give us the biggest tuning update today.
There are new parts for the following cars:
  • Beamer (by Helomyname and Syaan)
  • Primo (by MatthewChow)
  • Banshee (by MatthewChow)
  • Kuruma (by Arunn)
  • Moonbeam (by MatthewChow)
Rims :

[Image: gfeff5odwiy9d6i9g.jpg]

[Image: phqgm5adpnmr5i49g.jpg]

2 new rims pack presented by MatthewChow and Helomyname.
  • OZ II (by MatthewChow and Helomyname)
  • Rotiform (by MatthewChow, thanks to a donation from AgileCrocodile)
These new rims set that can be unlocked by finishing it's Challenge Series.

And 1 new rims presented by Whas.
  • Enkei 4 (by Whas, thanks to a donation from Chec)

Special thanks to our scripter Orbacle for making us some new Challenge Series, Weathers, Features and Bug Fixes.

Challenge Series :
  • Set 8: Points Challenge Set I
  • Set 9: OZ Challenge Set
  • Set 10: Rotiform Challenge Set
[Image: i3n5nzmc7fm16ox9g.jpg]

In these new Challenge Series, we are introducing 3 new objective types :
  • Speed Drift
  • Drift Total
  • Timed Speedtrap
Challenge creators :
8-1 Fayde, 8-2 Remolit, 8-3 Remolit
9-1 Orbacle and Yokou, 9-2 Helomyname, 9-3 Orbacle

Weathers :

[Image: 1k7sckcuh2r02vp9g.jpg]

There are 5 new weather presets you can choose from Settings (F11 > Gameplay > Weathers).
  • Default Noon
  • Warm Noon
  • Eyebleeding Ice
  • Daytime Fog
  • Bright Orange
Features :
  • Track reward in map selection
  • New ability to paint rollcages in Accessories Shop for $1
List of cars with paintable rollcages :
  • Beamer
  • Uranus
  • Elegy
  • Counthash
  • Banshee
  • Primo
  • ZR-130
  • More cars will be added in the future updates
Other Changes :
  • Handling changes for Moonbeam and Banshee
  • Fixed Diamond Hunt and Magazine Run exploit where it would not end if you had HUD turned off
  • Fixed incorrectly low Diamond Hunt item drop chance from jackpots
  • Fixed "Diamond Hunt" collected diamond icon
  • Increased jackpot chance on random days
  • Increased Sprint and Speedtrap rewards
  • Challenge Series changes for several existing challenges
  • Exhaust Paint price is now 1$
  • Server translation to Indonesian language is finished, now it's using actual flag on language selection
Special thanks to our tester team Remolit, Fayde, Broski, bk_player, Berkayy, Skript, Helomyname, Whas, Bunny, Angel_Ghost, Rarti and Yokou who helped in the testing phase.

[Image: gxgz2gi3a8fidgt9g.jpg]

[Image: yl96nqfa7bhptoe9g.jpg]
[Image: 04tdzvka2rphuw99g.jpg]
[Image: fqbjwq7uvix6s5j9g.jpg]

Preview above credited to Yokou, Remolit, Syaan, Whas, Broski, AgileCrocodile and bk_player.

A Special Trailer made by Jov, Mihkaa and Whas.

Beamer just got 168 new parts! Yes, good BodyPoints eater. It has some new conversions to another cars, and you can make it into any style you want! Street, track, drift missile, even offroad.
Thanks to Syaan and Helomyname for making some parts for Beamer.
Special thanks to MatthewChow for teaching me alot about modeling, without him, I couldn't have finished Beamer update.
Another thanks to Arunn, Whas, Mihkaa, Jov, LukaRaos, Azteca for helping me in the process.


Tuning Parts :
  • 17 Front Bumpers
  • 16 Rear Bumpers
  • 6 sideskirts
  • 5 Hoods
  • 23 Headlights Type
  • 24 Taillights Type
  • 16 Roofs
  • 8 Sidewindows (including Side Mirrors)
  • 3 Roof Scoops
  • 7 Louvres (including Windshield Banner)
  • 24 Spoilers
  • 10 Bodykits
  • 6 Exhausts
  • 3 Rollcages (including Interior)
Fixes and Changes :
  • Beamer's UV Maps were updated and existent paintjobs/vinyls will be broken because of it
  • Spoilers vinyl positions are moved to under the rear left wheel (same as Uranus spoilers vinyl positions)
  • "Windshield Banner" and "Panel Wagon" rear window UV maps are under the front left wheel (same as Uranus Windshield Banner UV map)
  • Roofs system changed, now 2-doors and 4-doors variants can be choosen from roof options
  • Fixed "Taxi Sign" on Beamer
  • "GTR" Spoiler now can be painted like other spoilers
  • Changed and fixed some textures on Beamer
  • All Bumper models reworked (front, rear bumpers and sideskirts)
  • Small fix on old bodykits and slightly adjusted "Pandem" kit to fit with new lights type
  • Readjusted roof scoops positions
  • Nos bottle position moved to in front of the the right seat/passenger seat to fit all roof options
  • Removed 2nd headlights dummy (headlights beam) to fit all headlight options


[Image: b40cdi2dyx1w75v9g.jpg]

[Image: nxftmyb5xfn2fwu9g.jpg]

[Image: 52bk61xhbu6xkbi9g.jpg]

[Image: mdb4e3t05991q6y9g.jpg]

[Image: e1t4v4kxa1jpd3p9g.jpg]

[Image: ofz5bwwz97muesh9g.jpg]

[Image: vghqng4ktwoni8n9g.jpg]

[Image: uclo41pdhdktcdy9g.jpg]

[Image: dnxmgwrkb93dtv79g.jpg]

[Image: oijvuh0hgtyvw6x9g.jpg]


[Image: w0d8vsnco6h82ox9g.jpg]

[Image: 20n07azmhd13vir9g.jpg]

[Image: sscon21h0kyp0r29g.jpg]

[Image: mxwdegncrzy38q59g.jpg]

[Image: rljugezw2g024fo9g.jpg]

[Image: oxerdf3ghxbx3lz9g.jpg]

[Image: q64xevwinx7rcok9g.jpg]



Helomyname :
- "Metal"
- "E30"

Syaan :
- "E36"
- "E36 (Fog Light Covers)"
- "E36 (Painted Fog Light Covers)"
- "E36 (Extended)"
- "E46"
- "Rocket Bunny"
- "Rocket Bunny + Splitter"
- "BN Sports"
- "BN Sports + Lights"
- "Chargespeed"
- "Vertex"
- "LX"
- "LX + Pushbar"
- "Bashbar"
- "Bashbar + Lights"


Helomyname :
- "Metal"
- "E30"

Syaan :
- "E36"
- "E36 (Painted Trim)"
- "E36 (Extended)"
- "E46"
- "Rocket Bunny"
- "BN Sports"
- "BN Sports + Plate Holder"
- "BN Sports + Lights"
- "Chargespeed"
- "Vertex"
- "LX"
- "Bashbar + Bumper Cut + Holes"
- "Bashbar + Bumper Cut"
- "Bashbar"


Syaan :
- "E36"
- "E46"
- "Rocket Bunny"
- "BN Sports"
- "Chargespeed"
- "Vertex"


Helomyname :
- "GTR"
- "Evo"

Syaan :
- "D1"
- "Rally"
- "Lifted"


Helomyname :
- "E30"
- "E30 (Alternative)"
- "Lightbars"
- "Lightbars (Alternative)"
- "E46"
- "E46 (Alternative)"
- "Evo V"
- "Evo VI"
- "R34"

Syaan :
- "E36"
- "E46 (Alternative) #2"
- "Stagea Series 1"
- "Stagea Series 1 (Alternative)"
- "Stagea Series 2"
- "Stagea Series 2 + Fog Lights"
- "Stagea Series 2 Clean"
- "IS300"
- "IS300 + Grill"
- "LX"
- "LX clean"
- "850"
- "190E"
- "190E (Alternative)"


Helomyname :
- "E30"
- "E46"
- "E46 (Alternative)"
- "Evo V"
- "Evo V (Alternative)"
- "Evo VI"
- "Evo VI (Alternative)"
- "Stagline"
- "Stagline #2"
- "ER34"
- "Si"
- "Si (Alternative)"

Syaan :
- "E36"
- "E36 (Alternative)"
- "E46 (Alternative) #2"
- "Stagea"
- "IS300"
- "IS300 + Lights"
- "IS300 (Alternative)"
- "IS300 (Alternative) + Lights"
- "LX"
- "LD"
- "850"
- "190E"


Helomyname :
- "Coupe"
- "Shooting Brake"
- "Convertible 2 Door"
- "E30 Sedan"
- "E30 Coupe"

Syaan :
- "E46 Sedan"
- "E46 Coupe"
- "Stagea Wagon"
- "Stagea Shooting Brake"
- "Panel Wagon"
- "IS300 Sedan"
- "IS300 Coupe"
- "UTE"
- "UTE + Rollcage"
- "UTE + Bed Cover"
- "UTE + Painted Bed Cover"


Syaan :
- "Painted Wing Mirror"
- "No Windows + Painted Wing Mirror"
- "Modern Wing Mirror"
- "No Windows + Modern Wing Mirror"
- "Classic Wing Mirror"
- "No Windows + Classic Wing Mirror"
- "Classic Painted Wing Mirror"
- "No Windows + Classic Painted Wing Mirror"


Syaan :
- "Roof Rails"
- "Vortex Generator"

Arunn :
- "Lightbar"


Helomyname :
- "Windshield Banner"
- "Windshield Banner + Roof Spoiler"
- "Windshield Banner + Louvre #1"
- "Windshield Banner + Painted Louvre #1"
- "Windshield Banner + Louvre #2"
- "Windshield Banner + Painted Louvre #2"

Syaan :
- "Roof Spoiler"


Helomyname :
- "URAS Lip"
- "Evo V"
- "Evo VI"
- "Evolution II"
- "Live to Offend"

Syaan :
- "E30"
- "E30 Extended"
- "190E"
- "Rocket Bunny Ducktail"
- "APR"
- "GT3"
- "Downforce"
- "Extreme Downforce BGW"
- "Tarmac Attack"
- "BCL C"
- "BCL Execution"
- "BCL XL"
- "Battle Aero"
- "Street Faction"

MatthewChow (Syaan edit) :
- "Cruiser"
- "Statham"
- "Level 3"
- "Citi"

Mihkaa (Syaan edit) :
- "326"


Helomyname :
- "Live To Offend"
- "Evo"
- "Evo (Fog Light Covers)"
- "URAS ER34"

Syaan :
- "E30 M3"
- "Rocket Bunny"
- "Rocket Bunny + Splitter"
- "Flossman"
- "Flossman + Diffuser"
- "VIP"


MatthewChow (Syaan edit) :
- "Fart Can"
- "Fart Can Angled Cut"
- "Dual"
- "Dual Angled Cut"
- "Straight"
- "Rocket"


Syaan (Reference by Azteca) :
- "Race Rollcage"
- "Race Rollcage + Interior"
- "Race Interior"

[Image: gyf7922x9ijjpph9g.jpg]

[Image: gne5ztra9qn3ugu9g.jpg]

Preview above credited to AgileCrocodile and Yokou.

Primo now has 11 new parts to make it more stylish. With new lights options, you can even make a Skyline from it.
Thanks to MatthewChow for making some new Primo parts.


Tuning Parts :
  • 2 Front Bumpers
  • 1 Rear Bumper
  • 1 Sideskirt
  • 1 Bodywork
  • 3 Headlights Type
  • 2 Taillights Type
  • 1 Bodykit
Fixes and Changes :
  • Primo's original ride height slightly lowered by lowering the model itself (nothing changed on the handling)
  • Added ability to remove trims via Bodyworks options


[Image: 3km8qi1n8e9xztt9g.jpg]


[Image: mp2dw01l1bhejqx9g.jpg]



MatthewChow :
- "Alfa"
- "Styline"


MatthewChow :
- "Alfa"


MatthewChow :
- "Alfa"


MatthewChow :
- "Trim Removal"


MatthewChow :
- "Smooth"
- "Attitude"
- "Chiclete"


MatthewChow :
- "Smooth"
- "Slim"

MatthewChow :
- "Pressure Cooker"

[Image: w81qv7uard3kiur9g.jpg]

[Image: hxfkncel0sx7lpm9g.jpg]

Preview above credited to Syaan and AgileCrocodile.

Banshee, one of NFSSA's cars that has the ability for full body conversions, just got new conversions as bodykits.
Thanks to MatthewChow for making some new Banshee parts.


Tuning Parts :
  • 2 Bodykits
Fixes and Changes :
  • Minor handling changes on Banshee (by Orbacle)


[Image: 4nktyo3t064qbdq9g.jpg]

[Image: 0lde8ts5gxtqeda9g.jpg]



MatthewChow :
- "Prototype"
- "Lion"

[Image: 6fqz8t4r599x1zj9g.jpg]

[Image: 83hik91igfsxfos9g.jpg]

Preview above credited to AgileCrocodile.

Kuruma now has new parts set by a donation from AgileCrocodile.
Thanks to Arunn for making some new Kuruma parts.


Tuning Parts :
  • 1 Bodykit
  • 1 Spoiler


[Image: slztuzwi3s4o8vc9g.jpg]



Arunn :
- "Liberty Walk"


Arunn :
- "Lip Spoiler"

[Image: bs5z5gshdp96hp19g.jpg]

[Image: il9n92bthu7ejcw9g.jpg]

Preview above credited to Syaan and MatthewChow.

Moonbeam has had a small update for the lights type. You can make some classic style now. Also Moonbeam is still not finished and some parts will be coming in the future.
Thanks to MatthewChow for making some new Moonbeam parts.


Tuning Parts :
  • 1 Headlight Type
  • 1 Taillight Type
Fixes and Changes :



MatthewChow :
- "Baseball"


MatthewChow :
- "Chuning"

  Content Update - 28/03/2020
Posted by: MatthewChow - 28-03-2020, 17:44 - Forum: News - Replies (19)

[Image: lossy4.webp]

Server Update 28/03/2020

The server will be closed for some time while we apply the update.

This update introduces a good quantity of new things into our server, of which, new parts for ZR-130, new speedometers, new challenge sets, a new language and a well deserved buff to the class E Unique Moonbeam.


With the help of the modeling work of our community members syaan, Mihkaa and Whas, ZR-130 has gotten a big update with new parts and fixes to existing ones.

The new bodykits:
- RE Amemiya #2
[Image: 14ulbhnunlwjikuzg.jpg]
Livery and model by Whas.
- MHK Customs
[Image: suw7m3wr0j0aq98zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Mihkaa.
- MHK Customs + Diffuser
[Image: bk19xu1jkw1udqrzg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Mihkaa.
- Rocket Bunny
[Image: w3vmjuryzslgay2zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Syaan.
- Rocket Bunny #2
[Image: ocbnusrfpwnx9e5zg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by MatthewChow.
- Miata
[Image: zqjv0921dhqj9ovzg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Syaan.
- Afflux
[Image: o4nopyatrdyuc5azg.jpg]
Livery by Yokou, model by Syaan.
- Afflux + Extras
[Image: nlbhlf045aebc3ezg.jpg]
Livery by Remolit, model by Syaan.
- Time Attack
[Image: 6y0kt8g8b5tm452zg.jpg]
Livery by Whas, model by Syaan.

The new bumper sets:
- BN Sports
[Image: 8mnqwwx9wa2zcp5zg.jpg]
Livery by Fayde, model by Syaan.
- Spirit R
[Image: txrho1zxtcoi613zg.jpg]
Livery by Skript, model by Syaan.
- As well as some others taken from the wide kits.

New spoilers:
- MadMike
- Ducktail
- 326
- Downforce
- RocketBunny
- GT3

- The windshield banner
- 4 new hoods
- 3 new headlight options
- 9 new taillight options

- Some of the existing hoods got fully redone, others fixed, others stayed as it is.
- Driver position and seats were adjusted to a better position.

New Speedometers

As a part of newbie appeal improvements, we have made 4 new speedometers (thanks to Skript who made the visual part). Old stock speedometer is no longer available in Accessories Shop and is replaced by a new speedo based on NFSU2. 
New speedometers are adaptive to your car performance, which means that their appearance changes depending on which car you are using and performance parts used.

[Image: speedosnew.png]

All cars bought since this update will have the new stock speedometer. If you have a car with old stock speedometer, it will stay but you will not be able to get it back if you change it, however, old Stock colorable is still going to be available. In future it is planned to rework several existing speedometers to this new style.

New Challenges

We present you 2 new challenge sets with 2 new fun challenge types in them:
  • Money Challenge Set II: rewards $25000 on completion
  • ZR-130 Unique Parts Challenge Set: completing unlocks a multitude of unique parts for ZR-130, part of the mentioned above
[Image: unknown.png]  [Image: unknown.png]

Indonesian Localization

Due to an increasing number of players from Indonesia, it was decided to add Indonesian language translation to this server! It is translated partially now but our selected players will work hard to get it fully translated as soon as possible!

[Image: 255px-Flag_of_Indonesia.png]

We would also like to welcome our new Indonesian moderator - syaan!


  • 8 new maps and fixes to existing ones - thanks to Tekk and Rarti (these were uploaded two weeks ago)
  • Several other existing challenges got their difficulty adjusted and car visual stuff changed
  • Fixed several glitches and bugs with challenge series
  • Fixed Elegy's glitched camera position, thanks to LeXDDD and Parik whose help was essential to have this issue solved.
  • Portugal's flag finally got replaced by Brazil's in the language selector.
  • Moonbeam got a small buff to acceleration and its score lowered to make it more balanced with the other class E.

This update counted with a sponsorship and labor from Skript. Thank him for getting this ball rolling!
Many thanks to:
- The modelers MatthewChow, syaan, Mihkaa and Whas;
- The testers yokou, Fayde, Remolit, Reinvy, BrOsKi, Skript and helomyname (tell me who I am forgetting);
- And additionally Kucky, BrOsKi, Mihkaa, Arunn, bk_player and Skript for lending their own computers' resources to render that header picture!

Have fun, everyone!

  Fourth Server Anniversary 04.03.2020
Posted by: Rarti - 04-03-2020, 01:05 - Forum: News - Replies (9)

Fourth Server Anniversary
Grab a cake and celebrate! It's that time of the year again.
On 4th March 2020 there will be exactly four years since server started!

During Server Annivarsry we would like to give you few bonuses:
  • since 4th to 6th (3 days, Wednesday to Friday) x2 RP, cash and bodypoint from all races
  • all diamond hunts done on 4th, 5th or 6th March will give you guaranteed jackpot with guaranteed extra reward! (current progress doesn't matter, it can be even day #1)
  • if you join server on 4th March you will receive free premium for 3 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 4th)
  • many special URL events with high rewards multiplier

At the end, whole NFS:SA Team is glad that you are still with us. Hope we will see next year as well!

I know it's not much, this post is just a filler, but there will be more in the near future. No Updates tho.

Don't forget to check out Drift Sessions 2020 event.. please.

  Christmas Content Update - Moonbeam and Challenge Series (beta)
Posted by: MatthewChow - 26-12-2019, 02:54 - Forum: News - Replies (13)

[Image: 1lanjjzyj436rwpzg.jpg]

The server will be closed at some point during the night while we apply the update.

This is an update that brings a couple of innovative features to NFS:SA.

The new minivan: Moonbeam!

Calling it simply a "minivan" doesn't make it justice. Moonbeam was made to be the true modular car of NFS:SA. You can keep it a minivan, turn it into a panel van, make it a pickup truck or even convert it into Burrito. Your choice. You can even make it a BMW! Track builds, Off-road builds or even Drift builds are possible. Moonbeam is the first AWD car making it to class E (as Unique). I bet you weren't expecting that one!

The parts:
Moonbeam is launching with a total of 64 parts for you to customize it with. More to come in the future, as it is far from finished.

- 7 Bumper Sets
- 4 Hoods
- 17 Headlight options (including 3 full front swaps)
- 11 Taillight option
- 5 Roof options
- 6 WideBody Kits

[Image: 77kw80opv6xehop3g.jpg] [Image: nnwpbbgsy9695kf3g.jpg] [Image: h7q6wddronhjjrx3g.jpg]

Not only Moonbeam's visuals are unique but also its engine sound, but, in case you are looking for something more "meaty", try Whas' sound pack mod, which already features an alternative engine sound for Moonbeam.

You can unlock Moonbeam by completing the Road Trip Level 3 task. If you happen to already have it completed, Moonbeam will be already unlocked for you.

The new Challenge Series!

[Image: foez23vecbu3lqg4g.jpg]

Still in Beta, the Challenge Series is a feature similar to NFS Carbon's of the same name where you complete a set of 3 challenges to receive a reward. You are given a preset car with a custom setup for every challenge.
So far there are only 5 sets of challenges of moderately easy difficulty, but, in the future there will be many more sets with much harder difficulty, various new challenge types and even cooler rewards!
At the moment, 22 new unique window tints and 17 new unique headlight colors are unlockable through Challenge Series.

[Image: 2z1pzlwn56nff3d2g.jpg] [Image: dwpxhd44b6l57sz2g.jpg] [Image: qdmqor0w5906rmp2g.jpg] [Image: was2soa31690pxj2g.jpg]

Special thanks to Klampy, Remolit, Berkayy, Yokou, Neonke, Tekk, Fayde, Broski, Whas, Skript and Scaftz for helping with these features and keeping it a secret.
Also, special thanks to Racko for modeling the interior for Moonbeam's SRT roof.

Challenge Series car visual designers:
1-1 Primo; 3-1 Vincent; 3-2 Uranus; 4-2 Jester; 4-3 Euros: Klampy
1-2 Futo; 1-3 Sentinel; 2-1 Emperor: Remolit
2-2 Cadrona; 2-3 Dukes; 3-3 Banshee: Orbacle
5-1 Moonbeam: Fidelus
5-2 Moonbeam: neonke
5-3 Moonbeam: yokou

- Fixed a bug that caused some maps to not load.
- Added a new widebody kit and two roof types to Elegy, made possible by a donation from AgileCrocodile.

[Image: l5oubzlxm63egb1zg.jpg]

And because we're on the winter holidays, everyone who logs in before the new year will have a week of premium granted. Not only, but rewards for all race types are also doubled during this time!
Have fun, everyone!

  Halloween 2019 + Server Update 22/07/19
Posted by: Orbacle - 30-10-2019, 22:59 - Forum: News - Replies (9)

Server update 30/10/2019
Halloween 2019

Server will be closed at 22:30 server time to apply the update

Halloween 2019

[Image: 0s0NHGt.png]

On the occasion of Halloween, from October 30 until November 2:
  • For all races: 1.5x RP and money multiplier and 1.5x BodyPoint chance
  • Exclusive weather presets (Spooky Fog and Silent Hill)
  • Some thematic changes

Newbie Appeal Improvements Part 1
(noob update pt.1)

These are the first changes that are meant to improve the server’s appeal to new players. Next feature update will also focus mainly on improving overall appeal and quality of life on the server.

Garage revamp

After all these years, we finally got some fresh-looking garages:
  • Safehouse by Remolit
  • Body Shop by Angel_Ghost
  • Car Lot by Angel_Ghost
  • Paint Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit edit)
  • Accessories Shop by Angel_Ghost (Remolit Edit)
  • Performance Shop by Remolit
Huge thanks to Remolit and Angel_Ghost for their great job with garages!

On top of that:
  • Several new garages were added to freerun, find and visit them all!
  • Safehouse, Performance Shop and Car Lot got their blip and light colors slightly adjusted.
Note that all colors depend on the used weather preset.
Pro tip: you can change weather in safehouse in case you want to take a screen in there

[Image: JNLZW2X.png][Image: R9ENM5N.png][Image: FEQifft.png]
[Image: vyjEegE.png][Image: NIfFIvi.png][Image: jcIUBMj.png]

New Vinyls
  • 3x Camo
  • 13x Manufacturer
  • 9x Misc Side, 9x Misc Hood
  • New pack of flags with 100 country's flags both side and hood so 200 vinyl :Yikes:
  • 6x Vinyl sets
  • 5x Unique Side
  • 3x Unique Hood
  • One lonely tribal side
  • 12x New Shapes
  • 2x New Special Vinyls

Thanks to Broski for helping with the preparation of vinyls!

Other changes
  • Some issues with vinyls got fixed (Thanks Rarti)
  • New weather presets: Iced Sky, Twilight and Night #7
  • Fixed Emerald Isle and Blueberry magazine spot positions
  • Increased rewards for several legacy technical tracks from classic server
  • Lowered rewards for Ambassador Ridge circuit track

See you on the server and Happy Halloween!