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  Christmas 2021
Posted by: Orbacle - 25-12-2021, 17:21 - Forum: News - Replies (6)

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

Merry Christmas Everyone!
We, NFS:SA team would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
We hope you have a great time with your family and friends during these holidays.
The server is having quite a difficult time with a low player count, but we don't plan on closing, we are working on some great content and ways to bring more players. Thank you for playing and supporting our server. For now, we have numerous thematic changes and bonuses, for these holidays and a major update is coming very soon.

Christmas 2021!

On the occasion of Christmas 2021, from December 24 until January 2:
  • For all races: 2x RP, $$$ and BodyPoint chance
  • Limited-time Christmas Challenge Set, where you can unlock a great-looking Christmas Speedometer(cars by Evov, yokou and Neonke)
  • Numerous Christmas themed visual changes (thanks Klampy; loading screen by JN)
  • Numerous Christmas mapping in freerun (thanks JN)
if you join the server on 25-27th December you will receive free premium for 4 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 and 23:59 27th)

[Image: unknown.png]

Christmas unlockables!

You are also able to unlock Christmas themed Vinyls and Accessories from racing - simply play the game, take part in normal races with 3-4 players, and win for a chance to win these special rewards:
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 1
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 2
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 3
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 4
  • Christmas Speedometer
  • Christmas Speedometer 2
  • Christmas Speedometer 4
  • Candy Spinner
  • Christmas Special Neon
  • Christmas Special Pulse Neon
  • Christmas Special Candy Cane Neon
  • Christmas Special Fayde Neon
  • Christmas Special Fayde Candy Cane Neon

Several new maps were added to the server:
  • [Circuit] Pedal to the Metal+ [R]
  • [Circuit] Starburst + [R]
Changes and fixes to maps Bridgeworks, Figure 8, Palomino GP, Petare, Patrol at Jeffersons, Around the Block, Seamen.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this update! See you on the streets.

[Image: vr24ywo.png]

  Server Update - 2021/10/31 - 11/01 - Map Expansion
Posted by: Orbacle - 01-11-2021, 00:41 - Forum: News - Replies (21)

[Image: UPDATE_31_10_21.png]

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

After a very long wait, we are finally bringing out the update!

[Image: BIKERNIEKI.png]

Syaan has worked hard and is bringing out the largest map expansion NFS:SA has seen so far. And it is called Bikernieki. It is a forested area based on a real-life piece of NE Europe and boasts a full-fledged sports base that features a GT racing track, kart track, rallycross track; infrastructure such as parkings, garages, housing area, high-speed roads, scenic views and much more. The new expansion is connected to mainland San Andreas.

Aside from just being available in freerun, the new expansion will now host a new URL location (third after Bayview Speedway and LSAP) and is called Bikernieki Sports Base!

It also features several new maps (look below in this post), although at the moment many maps are not finished and will be released a bit later.

[Image: BAYVIEW.png]

MatthewChow went out of his retirement and revamped the looks of Bayview Speedway. It now features more details, shadows and scenery. You can change the fidelity of new effects in F11 - Video - Map and Track Settings, however, some details may not appear after changing to a higher preset, so you might need to go to the nearest garage/shop or better, reconnect.

[Image: mta-screen_2021-10-28_12-42-33.png][Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png][Image: mta-screen_2021-10-31_22-46-16.png]

New Maps

In the new expansion:
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 1 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 2 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 3 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 4 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 5 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 6 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 7 + [R]
  • [URL] Bikernieki Track 8 + [R]
  • [Drift] Bikernieki Drift 6 + [R]
  • [Circuit] Eastern Ridge + [R]
  • [Sprint] Motor Museum + [R]
  • [Speedtrap] Motor Museum + [R]

Other maps:
  • [Circuit] Around The Block [R]
  • [Circuit] Okie-Dock-ie + [R]
  • [Circuit] Old Venturas Strip + [R]
  • [Circuit] Parkway Drive + [R]
  • [Circuit] Peak Performance [R]
  • [Circuit] Figure 8 [R]
  • [Circuit] Redsands Niceway + [R]
  • [Circuit] Star and Crescent + [R]
  • [Circuit] Velocity + [R]
  • [Circuit] Up To Speed + [R]
  • [Sprint] Down and Under + [R]
  • [Sprint] Mid-city Pursuit + [R]
  • [Sprint] Midnight Run + [R]
  • [Sprint] Motel Checkout + [R]
  • [Drift] Highway Patrol [R]
  • [Speedtrap] Motel Checkout + [R]
  • [Offroad Circuit] Petare + [R]

Fixes to maps (thanks Tekk and Remolit):
Angel Pine, Around The Block, Baller, Black Vincent, Bridge Cruise, Construction, Crash Planes, Crossing, Derailed Train, Fastline, Figure 8, Fort Carson, Green Sabre, Highway Patrol, Long S Haul, Los Flores, Mountain Run, Ocean Docks, Palomino Creek, Palomino GP, Peak Performance, Pts of Dhrty, Road to Palomino, San Downtown, Showdown, Small Gorge, Speed Of Sound, Tigah, Venture, Verano, Weed Scented.

Thanks to Tekk (especially for URL) and Remolit for processing maps, also Rarti for adding the freeroam nodes across the new track.

Team and Other Changes
  • Changes to Challenges 1-3, 2-1, 11-2, 13-1
  • Minor fixes here and there

Staff changes:
  • Tekk joins NFS:SA Team as a map processor and event organizer
  • Broski has been promoted to Super Moderator
  • And Raven is our new Moderator


Thanks to everyone who helped in testing the update (especially bk_player)
And we are sorry to our community for making you wait this long! We will try to release updates more frequently now.

  Content Update - 30.04.21
Posted by: Orbacle - 01-05-2021, 00:21 - Forum: News - Replies (10)

Content update 30 Apr 2021

Server will be closed for some time to apply the update

While everyone is waiting for a major update that is going to be epic (and is currently in active development), we are bringing you a not-so-large update that provides some content. 
On top of that, from May 1st until May 4th incl.:
  • Free 1-day premium to everyone who logs into the server during that time (as a consolation for a long wait for the update)
  • For all races: 2x RP, $$$ and BodyPoint chance

Changes (pictures below)
  • 3 new speedometers by Skript, unlockable with TaskPoints in F10->Rewards. All 3 are visually adaptive to your car and its performance upgrades.
  • You can now buy 1 TaskPoint using 50 BodyPoints in F10->Rewards->Exchange points
  • Updated HDR Contrast shader by Syaan
  • Lime color in accessories has been renamed to Sea Green and replaced by a new Lime color
  • New Pearlescent Window tint type is more translucent, Old Pearlescent Window tint has been renamed to Dark-Pearlescent
  • Window tint colors: New Lime, Purple, Pink and variations and adjusted existing colors
  • New light colors: New Lime, Purple, Pink, Unique White and variations and adjusted existing ones
  • New neons: New Lime, Purple, Pink and variations
  • Fixed LS Motorland lighting
Thanks to Rarti, Syaan and Skript for providing content for this update

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-03-28.png]
Old vs New HDR Contrast shader

[Image: unknown.png] [Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-37-57.png]

[Image: mta-screen_2021-05-01_00-38-45.png]

See you on the server while we are waiting for larger updates!

  Fifth Server Anniversary 2021/03/04
Posted by: Orbacle - 01-03-2021, 00:33 - Forum: News - Replies (6)

Fifth Server Anniversary
On 4th March 2021, there will be exactly five years since server started!
Important! Server rules have been updated. Please read their English version in the spoiler below or read them in-game.

We are celebrating big time!
During Server Anniversary we would like to give you few bonuses:
  • The whole week, from March 1st to 7th - x2 RP, BP and cash from all races and 1.5x cash in evaded pursuits.
  • All diamond hunts done on 4th, 5th or 6th March will give you guaranteed jackpot with guaranteed extra reward (drop)! (current progress doesn't matter, it can be even day #1)
  • If you join the server on 4-5th March you will receive free premium for 3 days! (you must join server at least once between 00:00 4th and 23:59 5th)
  • Many special URL events with high rewards multiplier (+minimercy)

[Image: uM9hDkt.png]

Due to this special occasion, we decided to organize
the legendary Hunt The Staff event!

The event will start at ~18:00 polish time on Saturday 6th March 2021.

During the event Staff Members will be hidden around whole SA map and players will have to find them, just like a game of hide and seek!

Some info and rules:
  • Hidden Staff Members won't be visible on radar and nametag will be displayed only if you are close enough
  • Staff Members will be hidden in common places, easily accessible for everyone without stunts. If it turns out to be too hard to find someone, they will start driving around the place.
  • Staff Members will use their own vehicles, they can be in any car currently available on the server. 
  • If you'll find someone then you have to write on global chat his name and his car.
  • The reward for finding a Staff Member will be 10 DAYS OF PREMIUM - but one player is only allowed to find one Staff Member.
  • During the event you will have a small board about hidden members on screen in the freerun mode.

[Image: YTscJLw.png]
UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners!

Updated Server rules

We have updated our server rules to address and resolve dubious situations. Please read them, which you also can do while logging into the server or by accessing the in-game help menu (F9).
This official statement belongs to NFS:SA TEAM and we reserve the right to change or edit these at any given time. Please be aware of that.
UPDATE: 01.03.2021

1. General
   - Behave appropriately. Do not spam, flame or be offensive towards other players;
   - Any inappropriate behavior may cause you to be muted, kicked or banned after being warned by the Administration;
   - Being impolite to other players, abusing (harassing / trolling) may cause you to be muted, kicked or banned without warning if it is repetitive;
   - Administration will NEVER ask you for your personal data, or passwords. Please have that in mind;
   - Every action that leads to obtaining personal data or passwords will cause you to be banned;
   - Be aware that any punishment carried out by the staff online might be changed for the better or worse at their discretion;
   - If you see any rule-breaker you must report them to the staff immediately, providing appropriate and concise evidence, be it via the server report system, Discord or forum;
   - Impersonating server staff members, public figures on the internet or other type of celebrities with the intent of harm and public disturbance is strictly forbidden;
   - Deceiving staff members in any gameplay matters is forbidden and users that do so will suffer the consequences of such actions (mute and/or ban).

2. Chat
   a) Discussing political views on public channels is forbidden. The use of the PM system or local chat with all the agreeing parties is advised;
   b) Religious arguments are not tolerated in the public channels. The use of the PM system or local chat with all the agreeing parties is advised;
   c) Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other type of discrimination on the server is strictly forbidden and severely punished;
   d) Spamming and/or flooding on the public channels using incoherent phrases or sentences is forbidden and may result in you getting muted or kicked after being warned;
   e) Advertising anything that is not related to the NFS:SA project is strictly forbidden. If the need of advertising something project related will arise, use the forum and/or official Discord server;
   f) The use of the English language in the Global Channel (G) is mandatory. Language channels (U) are used to speak in the language selected in the introduction panel or assigned later via the command (/clang set [language id]) or local channel (T) if the other party is nearby. Disregarding this may result in a mute after a warning;
   g) Usage of any unicode characters in Global Channel (G) or Language channels (U) is punishable;
   h) The spam of the unicode characters in Local Chat (T) can result in a mute, kick or temporary ban;
   i) Collective spam in any channel is forbidden and all the participants are subjects to punishment;
   j) Spamming the report system with messages is against the rules and may result in a temporary ban.

3. Gameplay
   a) Using any third-party software that gives you any advantage in gameplay is strictly forbidden, and will result in a permanent ban with no chances for an appeal;
   b) Exploiting is strictly forbidden and heavily discouraged. This can include, but is not limited to MTA bugs, server bugs, engine bugs, specific car bugs. Its use should be reported via the forum, the Discord server or to the staff members directly. The abuse of exploitable bugs or glitches will result in a ban;
   c) Do not leave races, even if you do not have any chance to win. Wait until the rest of the players finish the race, then you are free to leave. People leaving races regularly will be warned or race banned. Please report any leavers. After finishing the race you can report them, by clicking a button when the scoreboard appears;
   d) Publishing screenshots, maps or videos with hidden unique car parts is not allowed and is punishable;
   e) Usage of offensive car liveries (paintjobs) is strictly forbidden. This can include, but is not limited to nazi, nsfw, political, religious liveries. Consult staff regarding liveries;
   f) The use of alternative accounts to bypass (evade) punishments is forbidden and will result in heavier sanctioning;
   g) Ramming in Freerun or any other way of interfering into other players' gameplay experience (duel spam, crew invite spam, etc.) may be punished depending on the situation and/or staff's judgement.

4. Crew
   a) Do not use inappropriate or offensive crew names, such as names that harass celebrities, crews, staff members or other players. Ignoring this may result in the removal of the crew;
   b) Crew logo must be appropriate to the crew’s name. It cannot represent inappropriate symbols that could harass other players, harm the project or the staff, etc. Disregarding this may cause the removal of the crew.

In the end, whole NFS:SA Team is glad that you are still with us. Hope we will see you next year as well!

PS. Exciting major updates are on their way to you! Some are already being tested.


  Christmas Content Update 2020 - Moonbeam R34!
Posted by: MatthewChow - 27-12-2020, 04:04 - Forum: News - Replies (13)

[Image: dec_update.png]

The server will be closed for some time while we apply the update.

We introduced you the first "Mega Update" this year, so, now, get ready for another (and with that I mean: Get ready to download 180MB in updated files)!
This update is rich, not just in parts, but specially in bug fixes and overall improvements to gameplay, including fixes to the collision boxes of the cars and various car models.


Mamba has gotten small fixes and a few new parts, by Racko. These include:

New Front Bumpers:
- Classic
[Image: unknown.png]
- Classic Cut
[Image: unknown.png]

New Rear Bumpers:
- Classic
[Image: unknown.png]
- Classic Cut
[Image: unknown.png]

New Rollcages:
- Basic Rollcage
[Image: unknown.png]
- Half-Cage
[Image: unknown.png]
- Classic
[Image: unknown.png]

New interior for the stock model and improvements to the mesh.
[Image: unknown.png]


Monroe has gotten a big update, brought by DisturbedForce and Syaan!

Bodykits :
- 288 GTO (by Disturbed Force)
[Image: v7nxj9u239fxlw56g.jpg]
- GT40 (by Disturbed Force)
[Image: 536uk9u5ysqf7q46g.jpg]
- Miura (by Disturbed Force)
[Image: 46629cb7eoykju56g.jpg]
- Miura Concept (by Disturbed Force)
[Image: ufmk7hokq9jfry46g.jpg]
- Liberty Walk (by Syaan)
[Image: a2tp0oeikuwxq6c6g.jpg]

Headlights Type :
- Stock
- 288 GTO (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura #1 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura #2 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura Concept (by Disturbed Force)

Taillights Type :
- Stock
- 288 GTO (by Disturbed Force)
- GT40 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura #1 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura #2 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura Concept #1 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura Concept #2 (by Disturbed Force)

Hoods :
- 288 GTO (by Disturbed Force)
- GT40 (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura (by Disturbed Force)
- Liberty Walk (by Syaan)

Roof :
- T-Top (by Disturbed Force)

Roof Extra (Roof Scoop Category) :
- San Andreas Police Lights
- European Police Lights
- Japanese Police Lights
- Liberty City Police Light
- Vice City Police Lights
- Undercover Police Light
- Taxi Sign
- Taxi Sign 2
- Roof Rack (by Syaan)

Side Mirrors (Side Windows Category) :
- Classic Wing Mirror  (by Disturbed Force)
- No Windows + Classic Wing Mirror (by Disturbed Force)
- Miura Concept Wing Mirror (by Disturbed Force)
- No Windows + Miura Concept Wing Mirror (by Disturbed Force)

Louvre :
- Stock
- Painted (by Syaan)
- Window (by Syaan)
- Black + Windshield Banner (by Syaan)
- Painted + Windshield Banner (by Syaan)
- Window + Windshield Banner (by Syaan)


Elegy got a big overhaul, kickstarted by a donation from Exile, that counted with the participation of Arunn, MatthewChow, Syaan, Racko, Whas, Mihkaa, LeXDDD, Jov, helomyname and twiseles.
It includes new UV mapping, and many new parts inspired by various Skyline generations.

The new bodykits:
- LM (by Arunn)
[Image: p93j9wbtmzq02iv6g.jpg]
- Mantis (by Arunn)
[Image: nmn33ksdxiqbivq6g.jpg]
- R32 Wide (by Arunn)
[Image: qjemftwdaerqooe6g.jpg]
- R32 (by Arunn)
[Image: vrqzvoyhl2t1aec6g.jpg]
- Crashbar (by Arunn)
[Image: ybmqg28bs4pfng06g.jpg]
- WHS Customs (by Whas)
[Image: nvp5mguv8mbx7806g.jpg]
- MHK Customs (by Mihkaa)
[Image: bq4lmr6nee6rhqf6g.jpg]
- BN Sports Blister (by Syaan)
[Image: ep01c6fd1uge2e86g.jpg]
- Veilside E-III (by Arunn)
[Image: 5ks48x63wmc3t2l6g.jpg]
- ViS Racing Demon (by Arunn)
[Image: c9ww4nd7jq7s5or6g.jpg]
- V-Spec II (by Syaan) *
[Image: mskd3o0ycuxfuf76g.jpg]
- Nismo (by Syaan) *
[Image: s55q7dpnetvjqiy6g.jpg]
- C-West N1 II (by MatthewChow) *
[Image: b058qa78mgmz1wz6g.jpg]
- Mantis (by MatthewChow) *
[Image: y3x1r1p36wwj8hj6g.jpg]
- Bullet (by MatthewChow) *
[Image: xos05jlrdklcspo6g.jpg]

The new front bumpers:
- R32 N1 (by Twiseles)
[Image: n5lfqt9ftq6nqzu6g.jpg]
- R32 V-Spec (by Twiseles)
[Image: cgbl87v7i0abf966g.jpg]
- TBK Auto Garage (by Twiseles)
[Image: upp95tmkfit936j6g.jpg]

The new rear bumpers:
- R34 (by kazama)
[Image: d6ay5ruv89wkp466g.jpg]

The new hoods:
- The old universal hoods got some changes and variations (by MatthewChow)
- Turbo (by Arunn and R34 version by MatthewChow) *
- Antelope (by Jov)
- TBK (by Jov)
- TBO1 (by Jov)
- TBO2 (by Jov)
- D1 Spec (by Syaan)
- Glass Hood Type 1 (by MatthewChow)
- No Hood (engine by Racko and MatthewChow)

The new headlights:
- Stock (by MatthewChow)
- Projector (by Arunn and R34 version by MatthewChow)
- Original + Intake (by Arunn and R34 version by MatthewChow)
- Projector + Intake (by Arunn and R34 version by MatthewChow)
- Lunar (by Syaan and R34 version by MatthewChow)
- Lightbar (by MatthewChow)
- Projector + Lightbar  (by Arunn and MatthewChow)
- Original + Intake + Lightbar (by Arunn and MatthewChow)
- Projector + Intake + Lightbar (by Arunn and MatthewChow)
- Linar + Lightbar (by Syaan and MatthewChow)

The new taillights:
- Stock (by Arunn)
- Type 1 (by Arunn and MatthewChow)
[Image: n69ig858db2f7sr6g.jpg]
- Type 2 (by Arunn)
[Image: pn0obnkgp53nnx56g.jpg]
- Type 3 (by Arunn)
[Image: 54u3aic7nllei4r6g.jpg]
- Type 4 (by Arunn)
[Image: sszccqsbu0ri2w76g.jpg]
- Type 5 (by MatthewChow and R32 version by Arunn)
[Image: w4kwgsdnshnwqq86g.jpg]

The new roof extras:
- San Andreas Police Lights (by helomyname)
- European Police Lights (by helomyname)
- Japanese Police Lights (by helomyname)
- Liberty City Police Lights (by helomyname)
- Vice City Police Lights (by helomyname)
- Undercover Police Lights (by helomyname)
- Taxi Sign (by helomyname and MatthewChow)
- Taxi Sign 2 (by helomyname and MatthewChow)
- Roof Rack (by helomyname)
- Roof Rails (by Syaan)
- Vortex Generator (by Syaan)
- Lightbar (by Arunn)

The new rollcages:
- Modern Interior (by Syaan and Whas)
- Modern Interior and Rollcage (by Syaan and Whas)
- Race Interior (by slivkasl) *
- Race Interior and Rollcage (by slivkasl) *

The new spoilers:
- Country Laps spoilers got a revision (by Whas)
- C-West GT Wing I (by MatthewChow) *
- R34 (by Syaan) *
- 326 (by Syaan)
- R33 (by slivkasl)
- MCR (by twiseles)
- Jovone (by Jov)
- Jovwo (by Jov)
- Rocker3 (by slivkasl)
- Rocker5 (by Jov)

* Parts unlocked via the dedicated Challenge Set.

- UV maps remade by mostly Whas, with later edits by Syaan and MatthewChow.
- Black and Carbon roof options have had their materials changed to be less reflective (by request of Rarti).
- R34 exhaust variants by MatthewChow.

Other Changes

Car collisions:
There's has been an ongoing work put on fixing the collisions of various car models, providing a much smoother ride over bumps and curbs.
The cars that have had their collisions altered were:
- Banshee
- Cheetah
- Comet
- Uranus
- Manana
- Hustler
- Intruder
- Jester
- Previon
- Primo
- Sabre
- Stallion
- Tampa
- Turismo
- Uranus
- Broadway
- Hermes

The following cars have had small model fixes:
- Bullet
- Mamba
- Dukes
- Hermes
- Hustler
- Jester
- Stallion
- Moonbeam
- Turismo
- Uranus (taillight dummies, thanks to LeXDDD)

Racko has added new paintable rollcages to the following cars:
- Cheetah
- Manana
- Fortune
- Broadway
- Sabre
- Hermes
- Previon
- Primo
- Washington

Requirements for some Challenge sets have been changed:
- Moonbeam and ZR sets are now unlocked via Car RP.
- OZ and Rotiform sets have had their RP requirements lowered by 100k RP.

New icons for shops (featuring Uranus) by JN.

Have fun and a happy new year, everyone!

P.S.: In case you didn't notice already, "Moonbeam R34" has always been the name for the Elegy project.