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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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Rally event

Napisany przez Orbacle, 10-08-2018, 00:18

Rally event

Offline Z-Boy

(12-08-2018, 00:34)Orbacle Wrote: Event is over! Thanks everyone for participating.
Remolit is the winner, Scoob takes 2nd place, while Rarti is 3rd.
[Image: unknown.png]
Thanks to Tekk and Nhung for co-hosting this event (and Fayde as volunteer)

Album with pictures from the event is coming soon (hopefully).

[Image: image.jpg]
(Z-boy had to go

Sorry for not staying but I had a work to do, and thanks for the event.

Away bamers

when first I heard this, was excited
already planning to come and watch,
but tch, too bad I didn't have time yesterday

anyway, great event, as usual from Orbacle

and last but not least, congrats for the winners
[Image: loadcat.gif]

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