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W temacie: NFS:SA Races Videos

Odpowiedzi: 6

02-06-2021, 00:16

W temacie: Endurance Challenge Series

Odpowiedzi: 10

24-03-2021, 19:09

I'd like to see some endurance stuff, but in my opinion...its being over rewarded, won't even mention #3...
Perhaps add some hardcore freeroam Distance Traveled Tasks wouldn't be better? like: Travel 1m, 2.5m 5m Miles ?

W temacie: NFS:SA Races Videos

Odpowiedzi: 6

11-03-2021, 20:38

(08-03-2021, 22:03)MatthewChow Wrote: You know... This made me notice the container model has really bad shading... Broken vertex colors.

It triggers me aswell, I'm wondering if MTA supports object material editting like SAMP, if yes, which tools should i look for? most of the reason I like mapping more to samp rather than mta is because this limitation

W temacie: One. Year.

Odpowiedzi: 14

11-03-2021, 20:02

As a 3-year old player on NFS I don't have much to say about this ban, other than a little suspiscious, (having in mind that manana is a broken car).

But regarding my relationship with this individual that have been banned, a few months, or weeks ago, I would've said that this ban served him right, not because he's guilty, but because I had some ressent towards him (he sabotaged the GTR crew), but even pleasing me, that would be wrong, but I'm not administrator, I could feel like that in my own privacy and it would be "ok", but an administration team must be very careful with these feelings and make sure you don't let this feelings get on the way of your duty as an unbiased and fair administrator / moderator, so I ask you guys, please review this ban.

Just recently (Like 5 days ago) I got over this vendetta and decided to forget whatever my small time group was or could have been, you know why? Because this lad that just been banned was really fun to play with, despite talking or acting like a kid sometimes, he's good driver, and good drivers should be fun to play with if you're ok on losing sometimes, and the prior 5 days that I've decided to let that thing go, I've played with him, and I can state that I didn't seen this lad using any sort of exploits for this time
(I'm pretty sure I'm not any pro, but I'm sure after 14 years of GTA SA online, Single Player modding and 3 years of NFS SA I know a bit about this game's physics and this server's handling (Part of my joy playing here is tinkering with dynos and trying new things, and you'd be surprised with what can be done with it if you get yourself off the meta).)

Aside from my word, which has a relative value to different players, I can bring some arguments that can support RaiUwu on revoking this ban or even decreasing it's time:

-Argument 1: His Hardware

As I'm aware of, run some sorts of exploits can decrease your FPS drastically (consequently decreasing your car's performance) and this individual, right now, have a weak hardware, it's enough to run most content on the server, but when it comes to exploiting, it would just backfire.

-Argument 2: Manana's Unreliability

As we're all aware, Manana is broken AF, specially on it's acceleration, and we're all aware that it was never patched, so...if you wish to ban this fellow, you could watch him with other cars that are more reliable ban material.

-Argument 3: Biasing?

I wasn't aware of any biasing on the NFS team, but at the same time, it's understandable that some people might have some ressent towards RaiUwu, since he can be really annoying and our administrators and moderators are humans afterall, and like humans, prone to our own feelings.
So, was there really a biasing on this occurrency? I ask the administration team to look at this case very carefully, it's a whole year ban, it's a lot of time, take that to yourself, how would it be unfairly banned for a whole year? for mistakes you didn't made or already paid for?

-Argument 4: His own defense video

Despite all the salty vibe you can feel from RaiUwu's defense topic, there is a valid and solid argument he can bring to the topic: His Defense Video, recorded on rarti's private server. If you watch it, you can see that he can repplicate the same behavior he was banned for, and while screening himself, we can have a more accurate evidence that manana is the real villain here.

W temacie: Suggestions/Opinions

Odpowiedzi: 8

11-03-2021, 18:00

1-Yeah, bigger lobbies could be a thing in the future, but would involve redesigning the whole UI
2-Players are free to organize events as they see fit, the only issue would be the prize, the only viable thing to a player-organized one would be the sponsor to give out premiums as prizes, the thing is, the server doesn't gives tools for it, the organizer will need to organize it completely, and some people already done it, and handled it like pros
3-Making useful things for useless features (like crews) are just as useless
4-You might be on an innactive crew

6-This is a very ambiguous statement, since racing games, and specially a Player versus Player racing game, aren't quite the kind of game that your progression is counted by the amount of cars you have, the EXP you gain...The real end game of this server is to get your name on the top time rankings, other than that, just improve your driving, make cars which are pleasing to drive, discover new stunts, map new tracks, whatever floats your boat, everyone has their own knack for end game and trust me, no amount of unlockable cars can fill that void you might be feeling...

7-back in 2017, these requirements were pretty alright since we didn't had many means to earn RP, but, these days its easier to get RP/cash, so I bellieve a little push on the class requirements might be in demand (But something about 5-10%, we're not taking drastic numbers, there's many casual gta players that can't drive well, and get them stuck at junk cars might be a recipe to make new players leave)

Temat: NFS:SA Races Videos

Odpowiedzi: 6

28-02-2021, 00:14

Hello gentlemen, I've just got a knick knack for recording some races and I managed to get some good recordings, so I'm going to post them all on this topic, I'm not a really good driver, but the vids are alright, enjoy.

Temat: Simple Convenient Info Displays

Odpowiedzi: 3

27-02-2021, 02:52

First of all...we should be able to see how many people are on the URL lobbies without actually have to enter the lobby, so you'll save everyone's time (including yours) on the way to choose which url you're joining

 On challenges menu, we should be able to see the percentage of: How many people Tried that challenge / How many people completed it, so people wouldn't feel that bad on not finishing on few attempts a challenge that only 10% of the people that tried actually managed to complete it.

Display on the player's statistics the: All time records tab
What they would be?
The all Time Tab would show the NUMBER of How many 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th all-time records that driver holds

And at last, something that I quite don't expect to appear but in my wettest dreams it would appear.
Drivers would be divided by tiers 1-5, these tiers would be displayed as stars that would appear to the right of their car score when they enter
a race lobby. To increase these tiers, it would be required certain things like, races won, total bounty, amount of maxed cars, total rp, challenges beaten, tasks completed, daily tasks completed etc.

Temat: Some Touge Map I made

Odpowiedzi: 6

26-02-2019, 00:48

I made this Touge track some other day, I used to use it to hang with a small group of friends on a private samp server just for chilling, unfortunatelly this track is far from compatible to NFS SA so I won't even bother suggesting it, though, appreciate all these corners buddies

Temat: About URL Race Ban

Odpowiedzi: 10

07-03-2018, 22:18


The URL Race Ban system is quite unfair, specially considering that game crashes becomes much more frequent the more features that gets added to the server, this 24 hour timer and lack of a feature for admins and mods to URL ban can raise really unfair situations, I'd have suggested this some time ago if I knew it couldn't be undone by admins..

What I propose is, a procedure to request URL unban, but there's a problem with it

I am pretty sure the system can detect whether a player left, his game really crashed or if he had a time out, though, the system cannot know if the time out / crash was a casuality, or if the player provoked it, and this is the problem, know if the player provoked it, or not.

what I propose here, is giving to admins and mods, a command to URL Unban people, though the unban would rely on the criteria of the admin / mod, the admin would need to check into the player's punish log, people with a good punish log (without frequent race bans/ URL bans, issues with administration team, mutes) deserves a chance to get Unbanned from URL races, yet, it still should remain in the punish log, indicating this already happened to the person, so if it becomes frequently, the admin / mod should be more cautious since the player might be exploiting this...

Since June 2016 I've played here...today I got my first ban from any kind of race, and I'm not only pissed because I have no guilty of my MTA crash, but because such unfairness already happened to some people and they simply accepted to be punished without doing anything wrong..

Temat: What is happening?

Odpowiedzi: 2

07-03-2018, 18:36

What is happening to the people that plays here?not only here..but everywhere specially on the internet..They just can't mind their own business..feeling offended by innofensive things that doesnt even concern themselves became also a habit, and the statement "it offends me" seems to be more relevant than reason and common sense..I dont feel sorry for the people actually prejudiced by it..but for the ones that actually feels better when it happens to someone else

(This should be moves to odd topic or sth)