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W temacie: Performance & DYNO Guide[UPDATED 4/4/2020]]

Odpowiedzi: 16

06-04-2020, 03:34

Elaborate please, and as I said, lets bring this over to Private Messages

W temacie: Performance & DYNO Guide[UPDATED 4/4/2020]]

Odpowiedzi: 16

04-04-2020, 13:10

Updated 04/04/2020


-Smaller Corrections
-Added Car Sheets: Sabre, Stallion, Tampa, Phoenix, Super GT, Counthash
-Relevant DYNO Information reviewed
-Important Note Regarding NITRO Added

W temacie: Either something happens or this server is going to die.

Odpowiedzi: 17

04-04-2020, 12:06

"Do u know why RACING severs are dying? cuz players do some random shit freerun and not RACE Big Grin Freerun activities should be for fun not for rp/money farm."

I agree...

More racing, more balancing updates, more competitiveness. Less Collectible/Aesthetic stuff

W temacie: Either something happens or this server is going to die.

Odpowiedzi: 17

02-04-2020, 15:29

Pal, this server isn't dying, I remember when there were only 40-60 players late night, today, at the same time, I see +150. But that doesn't means the server has that many premium users, but to be honest, I see a lot of newcomers and the grind does keep their attention for a while.

After unlocking quite all classes there are unique stuff to unlock, and after that, players tends to become hoarders or Dyno testers, thing that demands time and experience, but also keeps them at it.

But we get your point, wouldn't do any harm to pump up a bit the bonuses of premium users, as long as free players be able to get these bonus on the long run with some grinding

W temacie: A Post about Car Balancing

Odpowiedzi: 4

02-04-2020, 15:23

Kush has a simple point, despite having no idea of how deep unbalance is out there...

The point is, some cars have an outrageous power peaks at certain scores, that's due to their handling's uniqueness, such uniqueness that have been denied to be slightly balanced for the sake of "diversity" of cars.

unfortunately, this "diversity" only create meta cars for each URL score as we see:

300 primo, 350 sgt, 400 cheetah and so on.

The point is, it's possible to bring car's handlings to an acceptable balance without making them all the same (Even though that's impossible since the car's performance on cornering isn't affected only by handling lines but also by the distance between it's wheels)

Temat: Some Touge Map I made

Odpowiedzi: 6

26-02-2019, 00:48

I made this Touge track some other day, I used to use it to hang with a small group of friends on a private samp server just for chilling, unfortunatelly this track is far from compatible to NFS SA so I won't even bother suggesting it, though, appreciate all these corners buddies

Temat: About URL Race Ban

Odpowiedzi: 10

07-03-2018, 22:18


The URL Race Ban system is quite unfair, specially considering that game crashes becomes much more frequent the more features that gets added to the server, this 24 hour timer and lack of a feature for admins and mods to URL ban can raise really unfair situations, I'd have suggested this some time ago if I knew it couldn't be undone by admins..

What I propose is, a procedure to request URL unban, but there's a problem with it

I am pretty sure the system can detect whether a player left, his game really crashed or if he had a time out, though, the system cannot know if the time out / crash was a casuality, or if the player provoked it, and this is the problem, know if the player provoked it, or not.

what I propose here, is giving to admins and mods, a command to URL Unban people, though the unban would rely on the criteria of the admin / mod, the admin would need to check into the player's punish log, people with a good punish log (without frequent race bans/ URL bans, issues with administration team, mutes) deserves a chance to get Unbanned from URL races, yet, it still should remain in the punish log, indicating this already happened to the person, so if it becomes frequently, the admin / mod should be more cautious since the player might be exploiting this...

Since June 2016 I've played here...today I got my first ban from any kind of race, and I'm not only pissed because I have no guilty of my MTA crash, but because such unfairness already happened to some people and they simply accepted to be punished without doing anything wrong..

Temat: What is happening?

Odpowiedzi: 2

07-03-2018, 18:36

What is happening to the people that plays here?not only here..but everywhere specially on the internet..They just can't mind their own business..feeling offended by innofensive things that doesnt even concern themselves became also a habit, and the statement "it offends me" seems to be more relevant than reason and common sense..I dont feel sorry for the people actually prejudiced by it..but for the ones that actually feels better when it happens to someone else

(This should be moves to odd topic or sth)

Temat: Rain Suggestion (?)

Odpowiedzi: 6

10-11-2017, 05:49

The topic title is quite polemic, I bellieve many here think driving is hard enough though, adding rain would make things much harder...

Well..anyways I'll come up with some kind of sollution for those who'd like an extra challenge on their racing..so I call upon the Rain Suggestion, I ask you to read carefully the trend before repplying


Well...this is a very basic question, though, I got a very basic answer...Because it's something that could change the whole drivability, it would be like driving a set of new cars

How would it work...?

First...there won't be rain at freeroam, time trial, drift or drag

Second...On Quickrace it would be a different kind of random...

if car scores are below 251, it will always be a clear weather
if scores are between 251 and 300, 10% chances of raining or clear / rain
if scores are between 301 and 400, 17.5% chances of raining or clear / rain
if scores are higher than 400, 25% of raining or clear / rain

Third...On Custom race there will be the weather options:
[   ] Clear
[   ] Raining
[   ] Clear / Rain
[   ] Random

Explaining the "Clear / Rain" Option

On this option, there could happen 4 things:

Race starts with rain and rain stops at some point of the race (arround 60-80% of race lenght)
Race starts clear and begins to rain at some point of the race (arround 25-40% of race lenght)
Race starts clear, begins to rain at some point and rain stops close to the end (rain starts at 15-30% and ends at 75-90%)
Race starts raining, clears at some point and starts to rain again (rain ceases at 15-30% and returns at 60-70%)

Observation about quick race:

If it's going to rain on a quickrace, there is 50-50% of chance of being a "Rain" race or a "Clear / Rain" race


Temat: Driver Level

Odpowiedzi: 11

08-11-2017, 12:34

Driver Level

What is it?

It would be a feature used to determine a driver's skill degree and experience, also would work as an achievement status.

Why and where would it be useful?

When players joins a racing room, the thing they see, is the player's name, RP, car and car score...the driver level would replace the RP, giving people a better idea of the kind of driver that they're racing with...
Also, the driver level would work as an achievement to be reached, encouraging players to improve their skills to improve their stats and drive even better.

Which Driver Levels would exist?

I've been thinking about the following levels:
Begginer, Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Pro, Master and Legend
also, a "Dishonored" prefix would be added if they player have been racebanned
by an admin recently

How to Achieve these Levels?

There would be a set of requirements to progress from each level to another:

Have less than 20.000 RP
Have more than 20.000 RP,

Have more than 50.000$ Bounty
Have more than 60 finished races
Have more than 15% of win ratio
Have completed more than 5 tasks
Had maxxed out atleast 2 cars ( maxxed ou = all performance parts unlocked)


>50.000 RP
>125.000$ Bounty
>200 finished races
Win Ratio > 25%
>10 tasks completed
>6 cars maxxed out
Have won an URL atleast once
>2 week records accounted

>25 sprint wins
>20 circuit wins
+100.000 RP
+250.000$ Bounty

+650 Finished races
Win Ratio > 40%
+20 Tasks completed
+12 cars maxxed out
+5 URL Wins

+10 week records accounted
+50 Sprints wins
+40 Circuits wins
+200.000 RP
+400.000% Bounty
+1250 Finished races
Win Ratio > 55%
+25 tasks completed
+20 cars maxxed
+12 URL Wins
+25 week records accounted
+10 all time records accounted

+100 Sprint wins
+80 Circuit wins
+350.000 RP
+1.000.000$ Bounty
+2500 Finished races

Win Ratio > 65%
+35 tasks completed
+30 cars maxxed out
All Unique car parts found
+20 URL wins
+40 week records accounted
+20 all time records accounted
+250 Sprint wins

+200 Circuit wins

+2.000.000 Bounty
+4000 Races finished
Win Ratio > 75%
+40 tasks completed
+35 URL Wins
+75 week records accounted
+35 all time records accounted

+500 Sprint Wins
+400 Sprint Wins

"I don't agree with these requirements"...

well, as reader you're in the perfect condition to agree or disagree, though, once you're stating your disagreement in a repply, you should come up with a VALID and reasonable argument, so, I ask you to read the importance of each of these requirements to determine precisely a driver's level and if you disagree with something or has something to add, feel free to discuss..

About the RP: Well..sincerely, RP shouldn't even be a requirement it's more like an aftermath, after becoming a better driver in this game, you'll earn a lot of RP, want it, or not. the RP is just a number which determines HOW ACTIVE you are here, and sincerely, playing 1000 hours of casual racing won't make you a helluvah driving, serious practice, driveability researching, repracticing, discovering, trying new things and innovating is what makes you stand out on the crowd, so, RP isn't as much important as you think..

About Bounty: Well...the requirements of bounty are pretty low aswell...though driving level isn't about smashing police cars, raming livewire towers to smash more police cars nor hiding after doing all that...though one might slightly sharpen his adaptation capacity by playing on porsuits, dodging a deadly K-9 upcoming on your front is quite a feat that not everyone can brag about..

About Races Finished: Well...there's a proverb that says that a master had failed more times than a begginer tryed, that's why the requirement of "Races Finished" increases at higher rates that the Win Ratio, experience is certainly a path to improvement

About Win Ratio: In my opinion, this is the most important thing to a driver, from that races he joined...how many did he won? a good driver tends to win races often

About tasks completed: Being acquainted with the server features is somehow counted as experience, it means you dominates the mean you're playing, and that can help you a lot when you're trying to improve your driving in that server, tasks quite represents part of it

URL wins: Well...URL is a quite competitive event and only those who knows their car and knows how to prepare it's dyno to adapt to his own driving style, is able to win URLs frequently, so, URL wins is a good parameter to be measured aswell

Week Records accounted: A good driver doesn't competes only with others, but also competes with himself, pushing himself to his limits in order to find out what's the car's limitation, and when doing that at some high degree of skill, they end up beating records, though...Week records, are only the records counted on the end of the week, this "week records" count would be cumulative, if every week you get 3 week records, you get 30 week records accounted after 10 weeks

All time records accounted: it works at the same principle than "week records accounted" though, at a higher degree, the diference is that all time records are harder to beat. You don't have to KEEP the all time record, but, each time you beat an all time record, a +1 would be accounted to this one

Sprint Wins and Circuit Wins: Personally, Sprints and Circuits are the essence of racing (specially the ones different from ambassor ridge), the set of diferent angled and declivation corners and straights are what makes racing something interesting and if you don't give proper attention to this kind of racing, you're not really getting the fun part of racing...

About Find all car parts: This is another of those server-experienced thing, also, Map acquaintance, if you know well the map, you can find these parts easily, knowing well the map you're driving on is an important step to give 100% of yourself on a track

About Maxxing out cars: It's very important to a driver to be familiar with as most cars as he can, being familiar with many cars will allow the driver to spot the handling differences between the cars, and knowing these diferences and observing their impact while racing, is important to determine what kind of DYNO tuning your car is going to need to work at it's best

About Drifting: I'd like to add drifting to these requirements, though, the drifting style which scores the most in this server isn't the beautiful eye-blazing drifting that we would like to do and to see, it's a slow and steady drifting nearby the walls, so...I bellieve it's not worth adding it to the requirements..