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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
>> NFS:SA Booster <<
New developers wanted!
We are recruiting scripter and 3D modeler!

More info here: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-10798.html

NFS Booster

Napisany przez Myztaix, 25-12-2017, 12:00
NFS Booster

Offline Myztaix

I recently download the booster itself and tried connecting it within the MTA file etc. And it consistently pops up with "Unable to connect with NFS:SA script" Why's that? My fps gets dropped in game whenever I am around people and as well as although I've lowered my settings. Sometimes I crash during a magazine run and causes me to lose a lot of time and I recently crashed during a time trial making me wait another 15hours so far again. Please help!

Offline Małgo

I have a problem with loading. Well, on very high details it is the roulette that works once and not once I do not know what I can do about it. The strangest thing is that everything worked great for a long period of time I tried on lower details and everything works great so I do not know what it can walk and if someone from the administration reads this, I am asking for an urgent answer.
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