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A-Z (Letter) Vynils

Napisany przez DareDevil42, 17-12-2017, 00:54
A-Z (Letter) Vynils

Offline DareDevil42

The title truly says it all, nothing more needs to be explained, this is my suggestion, why don't we have this?

Offline scaftz

So everyone can write "fuck" on their cars? Yeah, why not.
I would like to have this though xd
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Offline Madman

That would be great..
Not for the "kys" and "fuck" vinyls
It would be easier to make licence plates, or to write "adidas" on a blyatmobil
I have an Emperor with licence plate. I used so many vinyls just to write 2 freakin letters "LB"
So yeah.. Letters vinyls would be great, I think why we have 0-9 and don't have A-Z
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Offline Akamataa

Moderators can just ban players with "fuck" and etc. words on cars, i realy want letters vinyls, but probably it will be to much to work as always nfssa team says Smile
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Offline scaftz

Yeah. 26 new layer type for a single font model sure will be a huge load for the server.
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Offline HanzoITS

Ofc we need this. But wait for bartek. He is sleeping in the restroom, with the newspaper on his head...
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Offline Sardyna153

(18-12-2017, 14:33)HanzoITS Wrote: Ofc we need this. But wait for bartek. He is sleeping in the restroom, with the newspaper on his head...

He's got kac after weekend
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Offline Rarti

1 layer, 1 letter. I think it can be fair enoug but if you make it on the side it won't be mirrored, just like number. Give me a few days and i will make a letters pack.

Offline YoWorstNightmare

I thought this already got declined once?

Also, Madman is truly right 
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I btw would also love to see Letters, but im unsure if it got declined or not
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