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Few Bugged Bodykits (elegy,jester,sultan,infernus

Napisany przez Fox_BG, 13-12-2017, 11:45
Few Bugged Bodykits (elegy,jester,sultan,infernus

Offline Fox_BG

sultan bugs 22b bodykit:

elegy bugs pandem bodykit:

and 1 little mistake with jester saikou xs bodykit:

infernus rocket bunny kit:

please fix these little mistakes

Offline Rarti

I know more of these, but it's a real pain to fix them.

Offline MatthewChow

I also know more bugs, specially from the kits I made.
From those, I think the only one that has no bugs is Blista C.

With Fortune's Aniki kit, some of the supposed edges appear rounded (specially on the sides of the bumpers), and, with Jester's SaikouXS, adding to the one you mentioned, there's an issue with the eyelashes being under the headlights glass (and not over), and another where a duplicated mesh covering the boot was removed although it had a purpose, which was to cover that part of the boot in case a carbon fiber boot was installed, leaving only the rear window rib to be carbon fiver. The glass in front of the fog lights is also hard to notice (nearly 100% transparent), but, it's there. It just doesn't have the same tone as the rest of the car's glass (which is very whitish).

[Image: jester_duplicatedbootmesh_by_theportugue...bwl8pe.png]
[Image: gta_sa_2017_12_13_12_06_36_08_by_theport...bwl8rz.png]
[Image: gta_sa_2017_12_13_12_05_30_27_by_theport...bwl8sk.png]
[Image: automodellista_staffroll_fairlady_240z_t...6cl2pm.gif]
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline Małgo

look at body countach
there they probably did blindly
 [Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

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