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Vinyl editor improvements?

Napisany przez slendermanyshka, 02-12-2017, 21:02
Vinyl editor improvements?

Offline slendermanyshka

Hello its me , Slendy...

Soo today i've met a problem while i was making new vinyl for my sentinel...[Image: FyWlDj9.png?1]
 the basic idea to make different colors on left and right side 
the problem is ... [Image: wU52MyJ.png?1]this. 
As you may see the symmetry is gets in the way and covers the other side of the car.
Changing the sequence of vinyl layers does the same
[Image: SOngV1t.png?1]
[Image: KCr8uX6.png?1]
The suggestion is to make ability to choose to switch on/off the symmetry on side vinyls on letf or right side 
this change could step up the vinyl creativity to whole new level of asymmetrycal cars..

Basically the idea is to make side vinyls visible on one side at one time.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. sorry for my bad english c:
[Image: y2P9fjo.gif]

Offline Sardyna153

U mean something like mirror mode?
[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline slendermanyshka

Not really.
like in usual side vinyls are appear on both sides at the same time
and make something with same shape but different color is impossible.
I suggest to make a button or something that allows to choose sides on which vinyl will be shown
left , right , both(now/default).
[Image: y2P9fjo.gif]

Offline Madman

That would be great.

You can actually make asymetrical vinyl. "Body gradient" is tricky, you can cover one side of car with the 'default' car color you have.
But.. It wont work in your case ^.
It works only when you don't want different vinyls in the same position (but on the other side). Hope you know what I mean.
Like my Futo, here body gradient can help, but in case of your Senti.. unfortunately no.
Running in the 90s![Image: tumblr_m76f8oU0X41r20mtvo1_500.gif]

Offline Snake[PL]

Ur not first with this same kind ideas. Big Grin
But I'm on YES Big Grin
4 Yes - See you in semi finals xd (You got talent)
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline susis

it depends if staff is lazy or they don't know how to do it

Offline Orbacle

Full support.
+ we need the larger position range for vinyls, e.g. many side vinyls can't be moved to the roof.

Offline Fraqqer

+1 too. Because we have close barriers in doing vinyls. When we will have something like button of changing/using sides the progress of making unique vinyl will be: a. faster, b. more comfortable, c. more various

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