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Too few players on quick race in higher scores? (Suggestion how to fix it)

Napisany przez Tomi, 01-12-2017, 21:26
Too few players on quick race in higher scores? (Suggestion how to fix it)

Offline Tomi

Hey, so after a few months of not playing I decided to re-visit this server, on which I used to play for 7 hours each day, and the thing that bothers me the most is how few players play on +300 score. I don't know why it's happening, but I've found a solution for it. The idea is to give players more money and rp based on their car score, so let's say from 0-180 they get 0.75 of what we get right now, from 181 to 250 they get what we get right now and it increases gradually with the car's score. The point is to bring more players with hihg-end cars to quickrace, so more people play them, and you dont have to wait for 5 minutes just to play a 2 minutes race with one guy.
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Offline KomuH

Car with higher score is faster = quicker way to earn money & RP. Your idea is implemented someway, but people forgot about it.
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Offline Tomi

Yet people dont realise that and its not a huge advantage, around 10 secs per race but everyone would have to start playing on +400 score cars and since we all know it wont happen overnight the only way to attract players to higher score races is increasing the payout
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Offline MisterJohnson

Did you even realize that...people that builds cars with 350 + score, builds them with a purpose, to beat records on a specific kind of track, join URL or simply discover a better dyno setup...

What you can't realize is...the top drivers spend a lot of time in the same track, working on setups and honing their skills on that track. Going on quick race is a setback, you will end up racing on a drift track, a drag, a speedtrap or Ambassor Ridge long boring track with many laps...

Most cars becomes very competitive arround 350 score (of course with a decent dyno setup), and you can start to take on cars with higher score

(Example: a 350 scored C/B class car, can take on an 450 scored B/A Class car on a track that requires more steering/braking techniques than acceleration/speed)

Once that becomes possible, the driver masters few difficult and fun-to-drive tracks and slowly increases the car's performance, pushing on the limits of their driving and their setup knowledge..and sincerely? driving on quickrace isn't attractive anymore, even if you get a bit more of cash / RP

I'm not saying that quickrace is useless though...it's a great feature to find matching opponents, it works better on lower car scores because at lower scores, The Car factor is very limiting, since they're slow af and driving ability won't be as influental as the car's power. it's harder to upgrade your low-scored car only on custom race, quick race is your best choice after time trial and magazine.

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