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Locust 69.

Napisany przez IndvxTT, 27-11-2017, 12:31
Locust 69.

Offline IndvxTT

Yes Another Shit Post.

I've seen that he has little customization and I thought it would be good for him to have body kit to give him shape obviously is not a street racing car and this causes a bounce when skimming edges of road , it is possible to solve it by putting the car to the maximum.
following with the post , As you should know, this car is based on lotus 49b.
But ¿why not insert a lotus body kit? , for example the lotus 97t of ayrton senna (Obviously with the changes of the nfssa team)
This would be a good idea from my point of view since locust 69 does not look very good with its engine discovered.
Other idea is also the option to add the lights to the car with this I mean the rear light.
but that's in your opinion, in my opinion, if Locust 69 had this, it would make more sense to get it, but as I said, this is in your opinion

Oh certainly sorry if some things are not understood.

I hope my post is of your liking.
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Offline Madman

Nah. I am big fan of the formula 1 of the past
Locust looks good with engine discovered for me, I like it. And the lights wouldn't really fit the design of the F1 car from later 60s
And the bodykit... You want to make it look like 97T. But it would be as hard to make as making whole new car. These two are two totally different eras in history of F1. I don't think they have anything in common, so the bodykit looking like 97T is bad idea for me
In my opinion, the car looks good, and I don't really like your suggestions. I would only make the "drag" spoiler more flat, let it lie down a bit.. Ah, you know what I mean
Note: It's only my opinion :v
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