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Race reward changes suggestion

Napisany przez Akamataa, 21-11-2017, 19:57

Race reward changes suggestion

Offline Akamataa

Hello everyone, its my 1 of 2 last suggestion on this server. So... let's start. [Sorry for my bad english ;P ]  

I will repeat my suggestion to increase reward for lower places in normal race:
1st place 100% [its % of reward for winner in full race.]
2nd place: 80%
3rd place 65%
4th place 50%

Why? Its simple, weak players are leaving this server becouse they get realy low amount of RP and $ when they leave. Actualy u get ~25% when u lose.

And now main course:
I think that rewards based on time[top of all] will be better than rewards based on distance, with my idea it will have autobalance abiliti, how it will works then:

Main formula:  

Reward= (Top of all on this track and class u drive)/(average of all top of all times [fuck change this name finaly])*x*(actual lap and player number system)

How to get x: x can be static or can be calculated form Top of all on one of Time Trials [this time trial and only this one, and only for one class will have always same reward, ofc time trials have multiplier-Y]:

It just simple math:
x=(static reward)*(avarge of all top of all times [...])/( (top of all on this track and class) * Y )

Ok now why i think this system will be better:
-Ambasador will give same reward as another track with 1min top time = no more multiple rooms of ambasador [its annoying]
-If u have stock car/slow one it will be better to drive short track with lot of corners, than drive v-max based track like ambasador and litle loop, becouse u will finish it faster if u compare it to top off all time = more RP per time. = no more ONLY ambasador races.
-Good driver will get same RP per time at ANY existing track.
-As u see i write "track and class" becouse lower class cars need more time to finish same race, so when u drive A class u get lower reward BUT u finish faster so: Higher class = more race u need to complete to max it out, but still u will spend same time on track, becouse u will finish this races faster. I think that A class should be hardest one to max out not easiest one like now its is.
-No more grinding on ONLY one track becouse it is OP.

Now let's talk about other races:
-Speedtrap will use sprint top of all time to calculate reward w/o multipier
-Drift will use sprint and s-x top of all time with 1,2 becouse u need more time to finish Drift race, but no more to avoid manana grinding mode [no drifting on drift]
-URL ofc will use actualy existing system.

What happens when someone find race with really easy time to beat:
-He will get BIG reward if u compare it to time [it can be called find reward], but then he will make his top of all, so next time he will get much lower reward [normal now], if he will go slow to not beat this time, he will get normal RP per Time.

What happens when someone beat Top of all [autobalance system]:
-It will decrease a bit reward on this track, but also i it will increase reward on all other track, but it will be almost invisible change.

What happens when someone beat top of all on X-claculation track:
-It will increase reward on all of tracks, but it will be rebalanced if u beat some top times on other tracks

All of this changes will be realy almost invisible becouse there is probably over 1000 track [all class separately], but it should keep same reward per time on all tracks.

I think i don't forgot about something...

Additional suggestions:
-Show in lap changer how many RP u can get if u finish this race with  x laps [min-max]
-Show in same place how many MIN time u need to finish this race
-Ofc u can also show min - max rp/time

So this should be all

or not, i forgoted, average and X should be calculated every day / every hour or every new top of all [your choice]

Ambasador grinders gonna hate!
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Offline bartekPL

Well, kinda nice idea and well explained, I like it.
I don't know if we will change it or not, thats many changes and it need good optimization.
We will think about it.

Offline Akamataa

I'm glad to hear it, i also have suggestion to crew ranking and crew money menagment but now i have no time to write it ;/
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Offline scaftz

Seems complicated at first but i got the idea, and i personally like it. No more repetitive races to grind RP with. Just hope that SUV or Vintage classes won't be a grindfest after this got implemented, since they got relatively poor toptimes due to being rarely played.
[Image: finalize.gif]   [Image: tQhmuIR.png]

Offline Akamataa

It will get balanced fast, becouse players will make better and better top times, also, what is bad i driving suvs and vintage? its even better. Also, u can get better reward per time only when u get top of all Smile this is the reason why i call it Autobalance. And better top times in vintage / suv = litle better rewards in other car class
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Offline scaftz

What's the point of decreasing other classes rewards, it will just encourage people to grind certain classes.

Edit: sorry i mistaken it as less rewards
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Offline Akamataa

You are wrong Big Grin all car class will get same RP if u compare it to time. if e class make 8 laps of race a class can make 9 or even 10 laps of same race, and get same rp. Good driver will get same rp in any race and with any car class if u compare it to time on track.
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Offline bartekPL

But look that you also have to wait between races in menu so still only longest races will be taken.

Offline Akamataa

But u can make longer race Smile Ofc u can just limitate it to SUV [becouse of offroad races] class top time in calculation, and then all class will get same reward, and still it will be better than actual system, but then probably more players will use A class or B. Hmm i think it will be better if players will use more Slow cars. A class here is litle overpowered, and gridners use infernus too much. If u calculate difference between Suv and A class on v-max based tracks u get max 20% of difference, but its only on v-max based tracks and im comparing worest class [with helloname weak top times] with best players top times in A class.
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Offline MisterJohnson

This definitly needs to happen

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