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Language chat.

Napisany przez scaftz, 29-10-2017, 09:51

Language chat.

Offline scaftz

Indonesian channel works fine for us. Not sure what happened with Lithuanian, maybe you should double check it before summing it up.

Offline susis

trust me if lithuanian channel worked than i wouldn't see other languages there

Offline DemK

Totally agree with the suggestion, a example is the most of Players of Brazil, being honest, Brazil school's don't teach English very well, the max we could learn in the school is "Verb to Be" and "Verb to Have", nothing more, if you want to learn english or other language, you need do a English Course, what most of time is very expensive, and the most peoples of the country can't pay to this, since we don't was familiarize with a english language or something like that, just a portuguese and we have a very big problem with portuguese because Brazillians can't write even in a portuguese very well, i could say we are peoples very dumbasses, because the country itself isn't accostumed to learn things. A example in the server, a lot of kids ( even a young guy ) " from our country of course " join in the server, and can't do a simple connection about " Portugal Flag = Porguese = Brazillian language too ", so they join clicking in the biggest flag and this is a English Language, of course they don't read the rules/tutorials ( since they don't know english to read ), and always doing things like saying in GlobalChat phrases what isn't in english, and can't communicate with others brazillians/portugueses because isn't in Portuguese Chat.

Maybe a simple system what when you connect, save what language you choose ( like in games or even in websites ) when you need to scroll for your language and choose it, so he will save your language and you don't will need select this again when you will login in the game, but if you want to change the language channel, just need to use the clang command.

Maybe detect where you are and even you select the game language to english, you are moved to your country language chat.
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