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The problem with the account

Napisany przez Oleg_Lavrov, 08-10-2017, 11:33
The problem with the account

Offline Oleg_Lavrov

Hello, help to restore an account, played half a year ago ( and then abandoned ) a few days ago we decided to start again, but have forgotten your password, the evidence can show ( screens ) nick Oleg_Lavrov Huh

 [ https://imgur.com/a/bw4UC ]

Offline Th3B1tMa1k3R

Hello,registered on November 12 account in the game ,accidentally deleted the game .Today trying to log into the game login and the password writes(invalid username or password),but it is actually correct.You can help in this regard ?(login Th3B1tMa1k3R)

Offline susis

If you linked your forum with game account, then admins can help you.

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