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GUIDE: Making your OP Dyno Setup!

Napisany przez RaiYou, 17-09-2017, 02:27

GUIDE: Making your OP Dyno Setup!

Away RaiYou

Dyno tuning has arrived on the server, now it's time to become a real riced tuner  Cool

Well, on this thread I will explain everything I know so far about the Dyno options you have to make your 3 second 1/4mile drag car or your perfect grip Super GT.

NOTE: Dyno effects are weaker/stronger according to the level of the performance part you have (street/race/pro), so leaving your car on 3/3/3 is necessary if you want to feel a bigger change on your car.
("But My car is for drift, if I leave my car with Pro tires, I will not be able to drift anymore")
You can change the tire pressure on Dyno to be more gripy or more drifty, so leaving your tire upgrade on Pro will not be a issue for this.
("But my car suspension sucks on pro, it bounces and ariariaria...")
Also you can change the suspension Stiffness, making it more softer and making the car higher or lower too, so just leave your car on 3/3/3 and stop being a kurwa in URL.
So, to the Dyno options.
On this option you can change the gears of your car to ACCELERATION or to TOP SPEED.
Putting the scrollbar more to Acceleration, will make your car accelerate more at the beggining of the gear.
Putting the scrollbar more to Top speed will make your car accelerate more at the end of the gear.
Tire Pressure
Here you can make your car more gripy or more drifty, simple.
(EDIT: Putting the tire pressure to drift improves your car turning ability, so if you put your elegy or mamba to -10 iy will make then turn better, but some cars doesn't like drifty setups like Uranus or SGT, so don't put too much to drift if your car slides.)
Brake Bias
Here you can make brakes more strong on the rear or on the front, so if your car loses grip while braking(more common on FWD cars), putting the Brake bias more to the rear can fix that.
Suspension Stiffness
You know cheetah and turismo with that weird suspension behavior? Yeah, you can know fix that, but beware that this will not make miracles.
Putting more to Stiff will make your suspension harder.
Putting more to Soft will make your suspension bouncier.
Suspension Bias
Here you can make your car more to the front or more the rear.
Steering Angle
This also will not make miracles, this will not make your Elegy turn like a Comet, or your Sentinel Turn like a Super GT.
Putting the scrollbar more to Narrow, will make your car turn less(if your car has too much oversteer going over curbs for example this is a good option to fix that).
Putting the scrollbar more to Wide, will make your car turn more.
Ride Height
Here you can make your car Higher or Lower, simple.
(This will not make miracles with cars like A-Type.)
Center of Mass
Here you can make your car heavier on the rear or on the front.
Putting the scrollbar more to the Rear, will make your car have more grip/traction but will make it turn less.
Putting the scrollbar more to the Front, will make your car turn more but it will make the grip/traction worse.
Making the Downforce stronger will make your car stick to the road more while turning, but putting too much downforce can cost some speed.

Well this is all the information I have, sorry for any english errors, I hope this can make you understand more about the Dyno Tuning Options.
[Image: 1518984249.xishka_8altr.png]

Offline c0iffure

A really useful guide, I liked. Smile
[Image: 2Evr5E.jpg]

Offline SkillZ

This tutorial will help your nerfed car back to op car Big Grin, nice one
[Image: ekFGzXx.png]
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Offline Arcziold

Thanks a lot! Big Grin

Offline Hexagon

Great guide

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Offline Arunn

Reffering to center of mass, it is worth mentioning that advantages/disadvantages are drivetrain dependent. In example moving the center of mass to the front in FWD car will improve traction since the drive axle is pressed to the ground with greater force which also improves the acceleration.
[Image: 04amImC.png]

Offline scaftz

I see some flaws here. Stock tyres and -10 Pro tyres performs different on drifting, mostly in acceleration. Stock tyres accelerates less but it wont make you spin out easily, Vice-Versa for the Pro tyres. I still use stock tyres in the meantime.
Awesome guide though. Deserves a sticking

Offline adam11101

Stick it like Lil Wayne sticks his tongue in drugs. Useful!
!!My nephew is playing sometimes!!

Offline 07canpolat

Nice guide.. Liked.. Thanks a lot..
[Image: rO7l5z.png]

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Offline YoWorstNightmare

I have a quick question. Once i change my dyno stuff, does my score change aswell? because, i cannot make my car 3/3/3 because the Score will fuck up again. Im only playing max 300, so thats a huge problem for me.
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