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Infernus sound and backfire

Napisany przez Angah, 29-08-2017, 00:44

Infernus sound and backfire

Offline Allerek

(29-08-2017, 19:30)Milox117 Wrote:
(29-08-2017, 01:44)Arunn Wrote: It's not that easy to make a proper car sound. It requires a sample of properly recorded car acceleration/deceleration/idle, it must be clean, high quality and it would be best if it was recorded from the engine bay or rear bumper.

there, that was super hard to find.

" it must be clean, high quality "
The sound what you gave to us is not clean
Now he don't talk too much, talk too much
He's probably given up, given up
I think he's had enough, had enough
Cause he ran out of luck, out of luck


Offline Rafaea512

New sound for Infernus has been already added in the Infernus Tuning Update
Can some admin close this thread please?
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3416645]

Offline scaftz

You could have just ignored the thread instead of bumping it but ok.
I lived bitch

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