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>> NFS:SA Booster <<

[General Thread] NFS:SA Booster

Napisany przez bartekPL, 19-08-2017, 22:27

[General Thread] NFS:SA Booster

Offline WelfzTwingoFurs

(15-10-2019, 21:33)Tekk Wrote:
(15-10-2019, 21:15)WelfzTwingoFurs Wrote: Could I have messed something up in the installation?

Booster could only cause the "Loading.." problem. If previously you were playing without the booster, you should go to "MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources" folder and delete the "ngui-dprvd" folder from there. After that, start the MTA and connect to the server. Wait until you'll redownload the files. See if it's fixed. If that didn't help, go back to the "resource" folder and delete everything from there. After that connect to the server again. I always redownload stuff after the first booster installation. Always fixes everything. You won't need to repeat this later, should be working fine.

Well, that was an easy fix!! Thank you so much! <3

Offline Tekk

(19-10-2019, 02:15)WelfzTwingoFurs Wrote: Well, that was an easy fix!! Thank you so much! <3

You're welcome Smile

Offline STiKO

The error: This is not valid MTA location. Are you sure there exists "Multi Theft Auto.exe" file?
this is location of MTA

Offline darealarusham

it always has this loading text as a vinyl on every car i see,they only dont have it if they dont have any vinyls and just plain paint.my car also has the same problem,unless it doesnt have any vinyls.some time after changing my liveryl,it will have loading text and black paint,and after some time,it will partially load my vinyls and decals.it doesnt decrease lag either,even though every car looks the same to me :/

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