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Horn options in body shop and crew perks option in crew..

Napisany przez XxSonicx, 03-08-2017, 09:26
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Horn options in body shop and crew perks option in crew..

Offline KomuH

He meant that 20.000K = 20.000.000
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Offline Allerek

Both yes.
Now he don't talk too much, talk too much
He's probably given up, given up
I think he's had enough, had enough
Cause he ran out of luck, out of luck


Offline deadboy

Idk why the most annoying thing in the game should get even more annoying.

I got SFX volume in MTA settings turned down to zero, so I don't hear any horns. And I guess if they get replaced with some beats or sounds, then it will be serversided like turbo whistle or backfire, which can be only turned down with MTA volume, but then music, car sounds and everything else from the server will be quieter too.

So I'm against it if the devs wont add any options to turn them off in the Audio options on the server (F11).

And about the first suggestion, it's not well thought trough and not explained enough to convince me. The base idea of perks is not bad, but which perks? A drift multiplier would ruin the rankings and only crews that can afford the perk will be able to breake them.
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Offline Arunn

Ye, Doherty now sounds like - HOOOOOOOOORN! HEARMEBITCH! HOOORN! HOOOOOOOOOOORN! POOOOORN! HOOOORN! Imagine what would happened if the sounds were different. Mindblown :v
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Offline Snake[PL]

[Image: nope.jpg]
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline Katherin

I do not like the idea, it would be annoying and it seems ridiculous to me

[Image: 4a99278945cb6b2cd26efbea88707688.jpg]

Offline Jamesrobinson

about the horns,it sounds ridiculous
but if it make it out to the update
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