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List of Rims (updated)

Napisany przez deadboy, 06-07-2017, 04:42
List of Rims (updated)

Offline deadboy

[Image: 9arflyd.png]

This is a list of all available rims on the server
Each rim costs $500. You can unlock a whole rim-pack with a Taskpoint at F10 in the "Rewards" tab.

[Image: ufWNP62.png] 5zigen
[Image: KaJpR7u.png][Image: NKaCvYH.png][Image: KEytX0Q.png]

[Image: sGnTd6U.png] BBS
[Image: HJwKD7H.png][Image: ApBDxtV.png][Image: IWOGOHF.png]

[Image: 7CToLgI.png] Enkei
[Image: oEbhGdU.png][Image: Vx5kJal.png][Image: blv9FKL.png]

[Image: YzbaBXq.png] König
[Image: hmT67ES.png][Image: zVb5EOl.png][Image: fPAKwfB.png]

[Image: ALEQ8be.png] Momo
[Image: ur0KJ7c.png][Image: z9cABJS.png][Image: lv0lOiQ.png]

[Image: ofGOc2b.png] NFS:SA
[Image: wogYPcM.png][Image: Gb5kHam.png][Image: BJCcKYI.png][Image: z0FOcRC.png]

[Image: IMYqZJC.png] O.Z. Racing
[Image: AneGIou.png][Image: 7fu7IVe.png][Image: EaL8BM5.png]

[Image: YHTGFvy.png] Off-Road
[Image: LTvBSlM.png][Image: 2Ka7jPV.png][Image: H4Y8WWu.png]

[Image: FkmerLC.png] Work
[Image: oMFxX2e.png][Image: 7x1vvGI.png][Image: EM3qxlL.png][Image: SoBjD0u.png]

Offline SkillZ

Good work, deadboy
[Image: ekFGzXx.png]
"They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments."

Offline BraisOliveira

Thanks,now i know wich rims i really need to unlock.
[Image: ZPt6m5b.jpg]

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