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'Find The Spot' Event

Napisany przez KomuH, 04-07-2017, 15:32

'Find The Spot' Event

Offline KomuH

[Image: cvNJmyX.png]

We want to introduce you a new event called "Find The Spot"

Here is a short explanation how it works:

- We will show you one or more screenshots of locations from the map ingame
- You have to find it on the server and do screenshots with you next to it and your name written in the chat (but not sent) - Example: Screenshot
- The screenshots will be posted on our Facebook Page
- This event will take place every week on Thursdays (7 PM/GMT+1) in this Forum
- First three players can win a price (check list below)
- Staff is not allowed to participate on this event

FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: What can I win?
- You can win one of these prizes:
  • 3.000 RP - 5.000 RP - 7.500 RP
  • $2.000 - $3.000 - $5.000
  • 2 days of Premium - 3 days of Premium - 5 days of Premium (rewards depend on your place in event)
Q: How often can I win?
- If you win this event you have a cooldown from about 4 weeks until you can participate again.

Q: Where do I need to send my screenshot to?
- Send it to me via PM in forum (click to PM KomuH).

Q: What if there are more than one photo given on Facebook?
- You have to find all locations that get posted on Facebook on the day of the event and send them to me.

Q: Where can I see the location that I need to find?
- We post it on Facebook, here is our page: (click here).

Q: I got no Facebook-Account, how can I participate on the event?
- You don't need an account to see the posts of our page. Just visit it and check out the posted photos. You have to send the PM in this forum, not on facebook.

Special thanks for help to: Kucky, Deadboy, Bartek and Yu Jin.
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Offline Kemosabe

Ausum I might log that day..
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Offline Sardyna153

[Image: list_by_kouno_b-d7hdfxh.jpg]

Offline SkillZ

Might nice event hahah.
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Offline SGK7019

I don't have a screenshot file and therefore I can't take any. What can I do?

Offline deadboy

(04-07-2017, 17:48)SGK7019 Wrote: I don't have a screenshot file and therefore I can't take any. What can I do?

You have to press F12 ingame and then go to your MTA directory. If you press F8 (open console) after making the screenshot with F12, you can see where it got saved to. If that doesn't work, you can use external programs like Fraps or similar, that can also take screenshots.
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Offline SGK7019

I didn't know F8 tells me where it was. I would have never found out that I actually have a screenshot file, since I didn't get anything when searching in windows thank you so much!

Offline MatthewChow

I already know what place that is, though, but I got no Facepoop account. Sounds like a fun event, nonetheless.
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Offline chochoch

This event start in this thursday?

Offline YoWorstNightmare

Well, alright im gonna "Find the Spot" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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