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Napisany przez ARTxZonda, 20-06-2017, 19:04


Offline ARTxZonda

Hello, racers! do you remember Team Escape from NFS: World? This mode were good for those, who did not want to race with other, but just simply relax, working in a team(remember that?).
So, what if our devs add this mode? I think this is good idea, even if there will be a reward of 100$ for all - it does not matter.
Post the tag #TeamEscapeOnNFSSA if u want it, everything depends on you <З
Good luck on server, comrads
P.s. Sorry for my bad english, i have a 3/5 on our ball system on this subject
[Image: team_escape_challenge_0%5B1%5D.jpg]
[Image: KVhbLGijt8k.jpg]

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Offline ExilethePsycho

[Image: nzhhG5U.jpg]

Offline Flame

Iam for that but i think its hard to sync the cop bots for more players than one

Offline ARTxZonda

it doesn't matter, in nfs world all suvs and blocks had a exact place on track
[Image: KVhbLGijt8k.jpg]

Offline MMTES

#TeamEscapeOnNFSSA #KurumaOnNFSSA

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