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Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Napisany przez MatthewChow, 11-06-2017, 00:13

Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Offline BShen-V12

(10-11-2018, 22:08)MatthewChow Wrote: The third bodykit, together with bonnet and both popup headlight options...
[Image: uranusbk3front4_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmjt.png]
[Image: uranusbk3side3_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnml0.png]
[Image: uranusbk3rear2_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmlg.png]
[Image: uranussleepyopen1_by_theportugueseplayer-dcrnmwt.png]
holy shit the popup light surely changed my impression on this car

(25-12-2018, 18:01)MatthewChow Wrote: I need to know something.
Is my new signature picture messing with anyone's potato PCs? Is it making anyone's PC lag or does it take long to load?
This picture was supposed to be a low size PNG image, but the hosting site I uploaded it to is retarded and convert it into a much heavier JPG picture.
try grab the pic off the site and compared it to your PNG? but to my knowledge PNG is, most of the time, heavier than JPEGs.

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