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Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Napisany przez MatthewChow, 11-06-2017, 00:13

Chow's Tridimensional Spoilers

Offline LukaRaos

Damn... Nice work!

Offline QaisAla

I really like that bodykit on the hermes on the first page, Great work!

Offline MatthewChow

Have one more set of rims!
It's those from that draft of Banshee.
[Image: blender_2018_01_20_12_50_51_59_by_thepor...c0l614.png]
[Image: blender_2018_01_20_12_51_06_78_by_thepor...c0l60u.png]
The master of accidental leaks...

Offline MatthewChow

Something I came up with tonight, a bodykit for Flash, still WIP:

[Image: blender_2018_07_01_21_33_55_04_by_thepor...cfzn43.png]
[Image: blender_2018_07_01_21_34_01_41_by_thepor...cfzn3g.png]
[Image: blender_2018_07_01_21_34_40_16_by_thepor...cfzn2u.png]
The master of accidental leaks...

Offline susis

quick question when did you start doing this and why aren't you part of nfs:sa team?

Offline MatthewChow

February 2017.
I didn't have much interest in joining at the time because I was going through a more difficult phase of my life that required me to be more focused. I didn't want to commit to such a big project because I lacked the time to do it well, so, I just made these from time to time as a side thing, at my own pace and pleasure, and made it all available for the devs to use and edit at their own will.
Nowadays, my life is a bit more stable, so, "I'm starting to come back to the game"... This is just a hobby I enjoy and wanna learn more about.
The master of accidental leaks...

Offline MatthewChow

I almost forgot to post this here. It's a Plymouth Superbird like bodykit for the Buccanee. Six screenshots in the spoiler:
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_43_36_75_by_thepor...cgkia1.jpg]
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_43_43_73_by_thepor...cgki9o.jpg]
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_43_12_01_by_thepor...cgkiaj.jpg]
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_42_44_44_by_thepor...cgkiaw.jpg]
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_42_14_65_by_thepor...cgkibe.jpg]
[Image: blender_2018_07_07_22_41_17_22_by_thepor...cgkibp.jpg]
The model already had a few fixups after this screenshots were taken, but they are not noticeable.
The master of accidental leaks...

Offline Rarti

*insert nfs:sa muslce meme here*

Offline Rafaea512

the banshee bodykit reminds to me the custom roadster of burnout 2
[Image: latest?cb=20110501223400]
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3416645]

Offline MatthewChow

(08-07-2018, 02:42)Rarti Wrote: *insert nfs:sa muslce meme here*

(10-07-2018, 17:41)Rafaea512 Wrote: the banshee bodykit reminds to me the custom roadster of burnout 2

It is.
I main the Custom Roadster in Burnout 2 and I wanted it in NFS:SA.
The master of accidental leaks...

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