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Collection of all suggestions - [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Napisany przez deadboy, 10-05-2017, 17:30
Collection of all suggestions - [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Offline deadboy

[Image: nlogo.png]

C O L L E C T I O N   O F   A L L   S U G G E S T I O N S

Make sure you check this list before posting any suggestions. It's made to prevent posting suggestions that got added, declined or are planned for the future already. You still can post advanced ideas and descriptions of how you imagine something to work.

Here you can see the most of the stuff that got suggested in this sub-forum before. Only Team members and Developers have permission to answer in this topic (which suggestion is declined and why, which got accepted or will be worked on in near future). This topic is only for an organized overview, not for suggesting other features.

Make sure you also check the NFS:SA Roadmap to stay up to date with the update changelog and planned features that also weren't suggested.

Accepted / planned in future:
- Advanced Crew-system
- Diamond Hunt (in progress)
- Free-cam mode
- Freerun on racing maps (not sure)
- Knock-Out races
- Muscle Cars (in progress)
- Dynamic Weather (not sure)
- Advanced race rooms
- New events and meetups
- New tuning parts (in progress)
- Colorable decals
- Custom License Plates
- Challenge Series
- Single decals on windows
- Hide other cars during races
- Speedtrap cameras in freerun (not sure)
- Planes flying between the cities (not sure)

Declined / not possible:
- Traffic in Freerun / Races
- Part hints / helper without premium
- Unlimited Vinyl slots
- Manual transmission
- NFS 2015 Hud
- disabling collisions in Freerun
- Decreasing Drift-Points (when finishing last)
- Same reward in race when someone leaves
- Changing your Drive-type
- Sharing RP, money or cars (pinkslips)
- Race-leavers losing money and rp
- Reward-bonus for visual rating
- Specific (one) class races
- Dynamic headlights (per-pixel-lightning)
- Wet roads shader
- Unique Performance Upgrades
- Maps like Akina etc. (mta community resources)
- Reward cards after races
- More slots in garage without premium
- AFK-mode in Freerun
- Lowriders
- Bigger Premium RP & $ bonus
- Nitrous Purge
- Importing own Crew-Logos
- Own Text-Vinyl on the car
- New Soundtracks
- Changing Vincent to RWD
- Adding real cars
- The 6th gear
- Hydraulics
- In-Car-Music-system in freerun (3D-Stream)
- Car Hi-Fi Stereo-Speaker-System (in trunk etc.)
- Darker night and removing lamps
- ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
- New or more engine sounds
- Different Seasons (Autumn, Spring)
- Crew Bases / Buildings
- More details in coloring rims
- Elimination races with cops
- Co-op Pursuits
- Vans class
- No more cars / classes suggestions
- Autosculpt (like NFS Carbon)
- Buying money or RP for real money (pay2win)
- Way to reset unique car parts
- Custom quick races (merged/mixed, own rooms)
- Stance tuning
- Perfect line indicator (racing)
- Daily Spin with rewards
- List of own top-times (too demanding for database)
- Checkpoint races
- Opening doors, trunk and hood
- Interior tuning (neon in trunk / hood, racing seats, etc)
- Damage, fuel and durability of tires
- Second and first place in URL as winner
- RPM or launch control
- Less darker window taints
- First Person View
- Customized Tires
- Connecting drift-maps with Freerun map
- Police helicopter
- Destructible trees and poles etc
- Fenders without bodykit
- Sidepipe Exhausts & Visual Conversion Kits
- More window decals (bigger, colored, etc)
- Start URL with less players
- Turbo-Torque in dyno
- Changing driver in garage / Logout button

Already added / done:
- Police Pursuits
- NFS Nitro effect
- Magazine-Event
- Freerun Duels
- Interaction with players in freerun (RMB)
- Differently colored rims
- Graphical options for very old PCs
- Mobile payment for donations
- New Window-tinting
- Crew-System
- Speedtrap races
- Time-Trial cooldown timer
- Snow-mode
- Drag-Races
- SUV Class
- More Vinyl layers
- Ghost-mode in duels
- New head- and taillights
- Advanced Race-room/Map-creation
- Crew MotD
- Advanced Ranking
- Option to remove all Vinyls
- Rollcages tuning-option
- Freerun money (like UG2)
- Search-Bar for cars in garage
- New Garages and Tuning-Shops
- No sidewindows tuning option
- Advanced race-map info (F2 in race)
- Vehicle lights controls (RMB in freerun)
- Crew member online status
- Editable Race-Hud (position, visibility)
- Alternative Radar-Theme
- Improved Ranking-system
- Zoom option in shops and garage (Num +/-)
- Rotating car option in shops and garage (RMB+LMB)
- Rearranged cars at Progress-Tab
- Skins (paintjobs) to load on your car
- Class A and E buff / balancing
- Drift handling in freerun
- Score limit at Custom Race
- URL Tournaments
- Dyno-Tuning (performance tweaking, suspension, etc)
- Buggy into SUV class

Order: Oldest to newest suggestions by users

Offline deadboy

Please don't post suggestions about "co-op pursuits", where you have to escape with a team or any other multiplayer-pursuit-modes.

(10-05-2017, 17:30)deadboy Wrote: Declined / not possible:
- Elimination races with cops
- Co-op Pursuits

deadboy Wrote: Co-op Pursuits were suggested already a few times.

(28-02-2017, 08:36)bartekPL Wrote: Not possible technically to do it.
It's hard to explain but there are huge proper synchronization problems (and low performance which comes with it) which make it almost impossible to make multiplayer police pursuits with AI.

"Is there no way to script it?"

(28-02-2017, 16:40)bartekPL Wrote: There is but it's too complicated and totally not worthful of work. Moreover, results wouldn't be as we can except - lags, latency and generally low performance.
also known as: Bones, Hitmane, YungLean, Leandoer

[Image: Zxq.gif]

Offline bartekPL

Also, please do not suggest new cars.

Adding new car takes many days, sometimes even weeks. New cars are totally our internal decisions and we do it only when we feel well enough for it
No suggested car will be added, this is kind of serious thing that has to be rethought very deeply by us and we are keeping it only for ourselves.

We're sorry for that.

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