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NFS:SA - Events: Tell us your event wishes and ideas

Napisany przez deadboy, 16-04-2017, 13:43

NFS:SA - Events: Tell us your event wishes and ideas

Offline deadboy

[Image: nlogo.png]

Hey, internally we spoke about creating new events for the community, so we can bring some changes and variety into the freerun mode.
Our idea was to implement your wishes, opinions and ideas, so we can work together on them and realize the best suggestions.

So far we got the official event "Hunt the Staff", in which all staff members hide and you, the players, have to look for them. There is mostly a price for the people that find them, and every player is allowed to find only one member. So they can only win one price.
Last time when we did this event was on the servers anniversary back in the beginning of march. The price for fining one was 10 days of premium.

Post in this topic which wishes and ideas you else got. Be creative, the best suggestions will be talked and discussed about internally and finally added (with a script if needed) to the server.

Please read the other peoples post so you wont post the same ideas.
Thanks for helping and good luck with your suggestions.

Best regards,
The Staff

Offline Ma73o01

I think the event "hunt the staff" is one of the best events.

Below are some types of my favorite events:
1. event that u have to race in as short time as possible in the freeroom route, of course punishing players who will ram.
2. Meetup and choosing the best car
3. Ox about nfs:sa and gta series
4. drift competition,Select a drift king and give it a title "nfssa dk"(drift king)
5. >>>Hot pursuit<<< players vs staff

6. Derby

Offline yokou

In my opinion, the good idea will be contest for best easter livery. It will fit to current holidays, admins would choose top 10 liveries and players would choose the winner on the forum. And it would be nice if the main prize was premium account! Wink

Offline Venom

Missionary hill music party.
[Image: oJ6eTtU.gif]

Offline Rarti

Mothly "Hunt the Staff" event would be great, bacause it's so fun for everyone.
Car beauty contest also will be good, including several categoryes: the best tunner, the most ricest, best streets, best sports and the most iconical cars.
[Image: Rarti.gif]

Offline Kemosabe

"SUMO EVENT" spawn/map a platform in the mid air then specified rules or last man standing.
*Every platform would be monitored by a moderator to be the judge.
*Platform 1 has 20 players, Platform 2 has 20 players etc.. every platform has 1 person surviving
*Do a round robin on the least 5 (or it would depend on how many platform has been played at) winners in every platform
*The last battle should be 1 v 1

Last man standing is the winner!
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Server Moderator | Premium user | Crew Leader

Offline Oskiinus

(16-04-2017, 15:19)Venom Wrote: Missionary hill music party.

You forgot the kurva bejt.

Speaking about topic, I'd see events like it was sometimes in NFS World - complete several tasks and you can get unique car (like it was with 911 Turbo Glacier edition) or vinyls.
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline KomuH

Weekly "Finding Place" event - staff is sending two photos with random locations in San Andreas, players are finding them and sending on e-mail address. First 3 or 5 are receiving prizes. (yeah, an idea from Polish community in NFS World)
[Image: 230cwBj.png]


Offline PexX

NFS:SA Tournemant:

1. The player must qualify in a preliminary round.
2. The qualified players compete in the main rounds in various group
competing. (Group A, Group B etc..)

3. The winners of the groups then compete in the finals against each other. ( First: Quarter-finals ---> Semifinals ---> Final)

I hope you like my Idea and sry for my Englisch. Big Grin
I'm sorry if my English is not so good.

Offline MechaNoxia

(16-04-2017, 15:19)Venom Wrote: Missionary hill music party.

Thumbs up. (Don't forget Ice Cube, the Russian Hardbass and de lowridaz tho')
We are running in the 90's!
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