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NFS:SA - Events: Tell us your event wishes and ideas

Napisany przez deadboy, 16-04-2017, 13:43

NFS:SA - Events: Tell us your event wishes and ideas

Offline Sardyna153

(16-04-2017, 16:50)KomuH Wrote: Weekly "Finding Place" event - staff is sending two photos with random locations in San Andreas, players are finding them and sending on e-mail address. First 3 or 5 are receiving prizes. (yeah, an idea from Polish community in NFS World)
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Offline Małgo

Game in an infected at the airport ls without the ability to escape the last three people win some prizes Smile

I see that administration end ideas xD
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Offline kreb

ram niggas on building roof and last one win $$$$

Offline JmdaGZ

Long time ago there was a stunt event, it was pretty fun so maybe it could be brought back

Offline deadboy

Bump, still looking for more different wishes
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Offline Tomi

Big sumo/derby last 5 to remain win, everyone is using a burrito for example
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Online bk_player

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecbn44latcE This is again  Big Grin

Offline MatthewChow

Well, you could do a forum event (not game event) where you actually build one of your NFSSA cars, be it in LEGO's, drawings, clay, whatever.
I'm doing it ATM but out of pegs and based on a Robocraft car I made a long time ago. It's pretty fun.
You could also do a Wallpapers one, like in the NFSW forums some years ago, where the challenge was to make a desktop wallpaper based on the game. Then the winners would be decided with votes.
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Look what's coming!

Offline Sardyna153

(09-05-2017, 20:29)bkplayer Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecbn44latcE This is again  Big Grin

Hell yeah!
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Away RaiYou

"Moderator freerun race" the idea here is, the super mods can set 2 checkpoints on freerun(one to start and one to finish), the mods can tell the players to go to a place to start the race, the race have no limits of players(yes lots of lags but who cares), the players can take any route to that especified place, (its for fun), so the reward should be something like 250$ and 100RP for the first 10 to end? Then a list of the finished players should pop up for the mods, and then the mods can close the event and open another and on & on.


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