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Cars showroom

Napisany przez MelonTasty, 07-03-2016, 22:11

Cars showroom

Offline Szymio

[Image: cuberpynk.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2018-10-07_17-36-15.png]

Offline Bunny

(21-08-2018, 10:19)Szymio Wrote: [Image: cuberpynk.png]

That has got to be the dopest cheetah I have ever seen in my life (both on this server and outside). Good job!
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline Fissyun

(11-03-2016, 21:24)mszano Wrote: [Image: n5PS0aN.png]

[Image: IBBMhYu.png]

Whats is your MTA Settings you have nice shadows and dark looking game

Offline Tekk

(15-10-2019, 10:59)Fissyun Wrote: Whats is your MTA Settings you have nice shadows and dark looking game

I'm not mszano, but I'd suggest playing around with brightness (MTA settings), in a range of 50~65%, max the textures quality and antialiasing. Weather/Time preset is default night. If you have enough RAM (8GB or more), you can use this to improve the quality of vinyls (very high option, not related to shadows). To be honest, I don't see anything out of ordinary, apart from the post-editing. Likely he was just running the game at max settings possible.

Offline iDrill

My Battle Machine


Offline koxever

[Image: HLGpd1z.gif]

Offline diondwitama24

Countrash Weebs (Yuri DDLC)

[Image: 4B2JYQ-Jvvf2K2SOukNeIPbKAe5NpcvrmdftdmZc...80-h480-no]

[Image: yfeVYIP2FEFgw3KhhLgDr-X0gVcrM5BngtbgvYo3...80-h480-no]

[Image: W8TqAgj5SnwI5tGrgJzBrgohT8LNywSsZQ8WPr26...80-h480-no]

[Image: xgbWUOlwfNIjEoJzU_DXHvhM06P9KPqFrCtRfZS2...80-h480-no]

[Image: Rbq442Y53mRKRwzDKcMR2DA-iB9WFe-OVigWk3aS...80-h480-no]

[Image: QTrfLC2eZBMPIYQXwL2umyKl4-pK_h111JaPpJUa...80-h480-no]
[Image: zAksZq2.jpg]

Offline Szumixx

[Image: W2lInxY.jpeg]


[Image: prjvOXs.jpeg]

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