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Help us with vinyls!

Napisany przez bartekPL, 20-08-2015, 13:03

Help us with vinyls!

Offline [SiK]SuperNova

Hell yeah finally the differant eastsiders vinyl styles <3 Big Grin
It's not how fast you drive , it's about how you drive fast . 

[Image: 1462799201-untitled.gif][Image: tumblr_oavthqjX6k1ujwg5zo1_500.gif]

Offline Snake[PL]

But give me a time.
I think they will be done to thursday.
[Image: euf0b5.png]
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline Helomyname

Brilliant work there Snake!

I fixed the problematic areas and reduced the antialiasing, i hope you enjoy.


Offline Venom

There's almost no difference with the aliasing. Althought I gave them a go and after downscaling them for our proper resolution they look alright.
[Image: oJ6eTtU.gif]

Offline Helomyname

I don't know if you guys have these yet, but I made the NFS:MW Razor Mustang vinyl, for the side and bonnet http://imgur.com/a/b43r8

EDIT: igonre this, i will post better version of these soon

Offline R.Shirayuki

[Image: dai_gurren_brigade_by_grindd-d393pml.png]

Dai-Gurren-dan Logo (credits to the owner on deviantart, not me, I just thought it would be nice)
[Image: porsche4c558.gif]

Offline PointS

[Image: sticker,375x360.png]

[Image: nos_listing.png]

[Image: 80088-jdm-dont-touch-my-car-s.png]

[Image: I-Love-My-Car-Cool-Logo-Design.png]

[Image: stickers-i-love-boost.png]

[Image: coca-cola-logo-400x400.png]

bartekPL write 26-07-2016, 15:35:
[Image: tumblr_n3dtzm94wS1twjdl8o1_500.gif]

Offline [SiKr]HuracaN

Nice job!
[Image: lamborghini_predstavila_novyj_superkar_huracan.jpg]

Offline MelonTasty

Here's my custom vinyls:
Unique ver.
[Image: Rhoor80.png]
[Image: cWtmb9C.png]
[Image: 7crU5HC.png]
imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/TmtWt
More minimalistic ver. with customizable colors
[Image: dcg3IIy.png]
[Image: Sl7SX9p.png]
[Image: JM9n1lA.png]
Imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/AFoD6
bartekPL write 28-07-2016, 16:16:

Offline KomuH

What about some more shapes on hood? Like triangles etc.
[Image: 230cwBj.png]


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