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NFS SA beta/cut/removed/abandoned things

Napisany przez Oskiinus, 28-09-2016, 21:32

NFS SA beta/cut/removed/abandoned things

Offline MechaNoxia

Oh my god, the feels are real, it's been a long time since there, this was a good beta version Big Grin
We are running in the 90's!
[Image: 1471013118-tumblr-nzbdlhb7fa1qj5jqso1-500.gif]



Offline MelonTasty

So, NFS SA Theories?
[Image: pLnKk3j.png]

Offline Oskiinus

(30-09-2016, 11:06)MelonTasty Wrote: So, NFS SA Theories?

Summon iamthemostwanted
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline Goro

Matrix glitch Got me there. As I can see, BETA GUI version was a lot of more convinient, I can notice custom light shapes (these from cars, looked like ones from GTA IV), Well... I can Also see a 8k RPM speedometer instead of the 12k one. #bringbackbetafeatures

Wysłane z mojego C5303 przy użyciu Tapatalka
[Image: raw]

Away Hexagon

Achievements system more informative than now

Offline Snake[PL]

(07-01-2017, 18:21)Hexagon Wrote: Achievements system more informative than now
Yep, because U know how many runs u do etc Smile

[Image: 5aejYK6.jpg]
My screenshot Big Grin
I try to find this one Big Grin
Good to see some old stuff : D
You see my Nickname?! SEE?! I'm one of the oldest Big Grin
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline JmdaGZ

[Image: Im86ISK.png]
removed bbs rims

Offline EloRamzes

(07-01-2017, 22:36)JmdaGZ Wrote: [Image: Im86ISK.png]
removed bbs rims

Why ?

Offline bartekPL

Those rims aren't remoed. They're just in lighter version.

Offline Venom

Yep, I made that rim and IIRC then edited it because it was too similiar to an already existing rim.
[Image: oJ6eTtU.gif]

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