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Sprint Jigsaw

Napisany przez ivke, 13-09-2022, 23:07
Sprint Jigsaw

Offline ivke

Map name: Jigsaw
Map location: San Fierro
Map type: Sprint
Author: :Ivkeee
Map length: about 11.5km
Map layout:
[Image: jigsaw.png]
Map showcase:

skip to 0:50 for start

thanks vertiri epic gamer for the video


Offline VertiriGamer

yes pro map maker add or :skull:
[Image: spinning_retards.gif]


Offline P4tryk

I'm not going into details on each part but I have some suggestions
0:51 - leave a bit more space here for racing line
3:03 - place arrows further so people can use a bit more road on the right
5:00 - same story, place barriers further to let people take a better line into next corner

I'm not really advanced into placing objects etc. This race for sure can be improved, nice route btw. Good luck

Offline Devilish

No need to give more space or anything,just fix the arrow thing and put some "roadbarrier"/arrow wall in big gap
0:51 - you should make the arrow like this [Image: unknown.png]

and like this : 

[Image: unknown.png]
1:07 - you leave the big gap in the left and the right
1:48 - try to cover these gap with "roadbarrier"
2:03 - remove the arrow wall and change the "roadbarrier" like this :

[Image: unknown.png]

3:45 - you left the big gap in here,try to add "roadbarrier" yeah
5:37 - cover the right side and left side with "roadbarrier"
5:45 - same with 5:37 but just cover it with "roadbarrier" in the right side like this :

[Image: unknown.png]

and then like this :

[Image: unknown.png]
connect them to the finish 

thats all,i hope you clearly understand it and its helpful for you

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