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[Tutorial] Arrow Walls & Offroad Assets.

Napisany przez Tekk, 24-06-2022, 18:48
[Tutorial] Arrow Walls & Offroad Assets.

Offline Tekk

[Because the old links for the resources are now broken and the installation guide is unavailable.]

I've decided to make a dedicated thread to answer some of the most popular questions about mapping, such as: "Where can I download the NFS arrow wall prop?", "How do I install it?", "What's the ID for it?", "How can I make a curve with it?"

The search is over now, and it's all gonna be in one place. Let's get to it.


The tool/plugin that allows you to create an arrow wall curve/long arrow wall without having to spend hours on doing it by hand.

NFS Arrow
The arrow prop itself.

Offroad Assets
The offroad props that were made by Venom back in 2016 that's still used on most of the offroad maps up to this day. If you've never seen it before, here's a picture.

How to download & install:

1. Download the archive and unpack the files. There should be three folders inside.
2. Go to "MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources" and drop these three folders there.
3. Go back to "MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch" and find the editor.conf file. Open it with a notepad or a similar text editor and scroll down to the bottom.
4. Add three new lines so it would look like this. Double-check if it's done right and save the file once you've finished.
5. Launch the game, start the map editor.
6. Open the console (F8) and type in "start nac2" (without quotes).
7. Enjoy the map creation process.

The ID's for the new objects are:

Arrow Wall Prop = 3919
Offroad Checkpoint Prop = 2852
Offroad High Tape = 2853
Offroad Low Tape = 2854
Offroad Tape Holder = 2855


P.S. If for whatever reason NAC2 doesn't let you to create a curve, it is very likely that the object that you're trying to work with has its Z (rotation) coordinates set to either 90 or 270 degrees. To fix this issue, add a .0001 to the value and it's gonna start working. Good luck!

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