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Napisany przez filips0nexx, 28-04-2022, 00:30

Offline filips0nexx


Map Name:
Police Mayhem

Map Type:

Map Showcase:

[Image: 899f071aa4fbdd81861f18e055fa2883dd60a917.gifv]

Offline Tekk

Had to search for the video on YT and update your post, because the showcase link was broken.

1. 0:00 (left side), 0:04 (right side) - There's open roads that are not closed with anything. Or at least it looks so from this video.

2. 0:04 - Unused space on the left side should be covered with some kind of barriers, so the players could know the route boundaries and wouldn't go for the risky blind cuts that could cost them a race.

3. 0:09 ~ 0:40 - In general, having lots of traffic on your map is bad performance-wise, especially when it's piled up. The fact that the map goes through the one of the heaviest areas of LS doesn't help it at all.

4. 0:23, 0:25, 0:32, 0:37, 0:51 - The concept is cool, but I'm also sure as hell that someone would drive over these thinking it's the intended route. I've seen that way too many times before, people going in between various props.

5. 0:54 - The arrow wall is a half-assed decision here. The way it ends also look cheap as hell.

6. 1:05 - It's barely possible to tell where you should go up until you see the ramp. The arrow wall on the right doesn't help with it. Questionable decision, as I see it.

7. 1:09 - After the jump there's a road to the left that's also not closed with anything.

Link to some pics if you're lazy to check the timecodes.

Overall the route is good and I admire the creativity, but the execution is poor, compared to the previous maps.

Offline kayra999

0.00 to 0.04 right side have unnecesary walls and left side has literally no wals at all

0.11 that may be the worst wall I have ever seen

0.16 you have to show people the way is

0.22 including myself everyone will try to go over those

0.37 hell no.U turn there is a problem itself and you are making it even harder with objects tightining the road even more.And the biggest problem of those police cars and their amount

0.51 same thing I am going over those

0.54 way too straight wall and has no end whatsoever

1.05 not fittable decoration and I am pretty sure beejay is not going under that

1.07 again the weirdest wall in history with a sudden jump

1.10 left side is literally empty

1.14 left is purely left to your own making but I would leave there empty and only put arrow wall to show the end

Not that I like to be harsh but I tried to state facts here route is not that bad but the decoration side is purely left behind.
But you can come to conclusion from this -put arrow walls when they are needed.For rest you can use decoration *that fits the theme*

Good luck on next maps
-Evov out
[Image: rita-rossweisse-houkai-impact.gif]

Offline filips0nexx

thanks for advices, ill work on it when i would have a moment.
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