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Grove Street Race

Napisany przez Hiziolll, 26-04-2022, 19:59
Grove Street Race

Offline Hiziolll

Map name - Grove Street Race

Author  - hiziol

Location - LS

Map - https://youtu.be/3e1pDfo3EmY

Offline kayra999

0.13 right arrow wall is literally flying

0.36 I would put that truck there

Overally I wouldnt be putting *that much arrow walls*
[Image: rita-rossweisse-houkai-impact.gif]

Offline Tekk

1. Such squared arrow walls (0:03, 0:21, 0:29) was often considered a bad design decision in the past (0:21, for example, doesn't tell the player where they should turn on the reverse route). You could possibly use the "Green Sabre" map as a reference point, to see how it was done by us with Evov. Because the start area is the same, though it was decorated in a different way.

2. Some of the arrows on this map are placed way too deep and the players wouldn't be able to see it up until they reach a certain point/turn - 0:43, 0:46 and 0:49~0:52 goes as example. The map isn't a huge one, so you could possibly invest some time into making it to look a bit better.

3. Opinions and all, but the name of the map is too generic.

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