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Some ideas

Napisany przez Vaduva, 05-08-2021, 20:35
Some ideas

Offline Vaduva

1 .some mission like time trial when you can play oance at one hour or 2 and the mission to be like move some drugs or some stuff around the map bieing chase by the cops .
2 .like in gta online now a place where we can get down the car and move around on foot ( with some minigames or better some gambling games )
3 . I  know it sound insane but more oportunity to spend money like buy a house just like in tdu with some interior upgrade .
4 . more skins for players in game 
5. more daily thing to do like diamns or magazine for me it bring me back on the server in a busy day just to do it 
6. an S tier class whit hotring a b c cars like nascar .
7.more heat level 7 - 8 where you can chase by some special cars like counthas 
8.and a new tipe of race canyons like in carbon if you fall down you lose .

I know a lot of thing in this list is hard to do because mta have limitation but i stil apreciate you guys for the work you put in it 
i played few years back and i was amazed and i comeback now and i m glad to see the server has some few updates and its still alive depite 
the population on this server now .

Offline ivke

1.good idea just not that
4.pretty sure no one would care about your skin since we cant really see it
7.its too much
8.already suggested a long time ago(pretty sure most of them are lol)
y e l l o w  e v o

Offline 412

9. Unban Osva
[Image: 9lmCso7]

Offline Raven.

(06-08-2021, 10:43)412 Wrote: 9. Unban Osva

no fuck off
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Offline Nabatse

1.Some thing that would be nice in addition, a pretty good idea.

2.This is an NFS server, therefore things that aren't involve cars or driving with cars (such as activities or minigames on foot) doesn't make any sense to put on the server. There are so much other mta servers for this.

3.As an all time player i can confirm there isn't much to spend money on here and it would be great if there'd be more things in the server i can waste some cash on. The example you gave could be an option, a house (or what would make more sense a garage) that you could decorate in your own way is a cute thing, even if it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever other than being something customizeable thing.

4.Player skins doesn't matter here at all, it's hardly visible in your car in freerun/races, and literally nobody cares about it. It's unnecessary to add more.

5.More daily activities is something the server could welcome imo as well, anything that can make players want to stay longer on the server day by day by doing more stuff is a key for a living server. Although more daily activies helps this only a little bit, it's still something at least.

6.More cars... why everybody thinks we need more cars.. especially an S class. Yes, add more broken cars to the server that aren't beatable with any other lower class, only with a car in its class, because A class wasn't enough with Infernus and Cheetah. Not to mention it takes months to add just 1 car to the server, because of balancing, modeling, bugfixing, imagine that with 4-5 different cars. The staff isn't big enough at tthe moment to handle this and implement it in llike 2-3 months, this would take like 2 years and when it comes to server updates i think there are much more important things to focus on in that time instead of new cars.

7.More heat levels, sounds cool in theory but again, it's an unnecessary thing. Saying this as maybe the only player on the server who cares about pursuits at all, Heat 5 and 6 is more than enough there isn't any point making a level 7 or 8. Thinking about the fact there'd be more and different cars that chases you wouldn't make the pursuit "gameplay" more fun nor more appealing to play for those who aren't into pursuits in its current state. If we talk about adding helicopters or something like that, that is something, but the way how pursuits work i think it's already pretty unfair for the player to escape or handle the 15-20 cops that comes at you on heat 6, there's no need to make it more frustrating.

8.This was already suggested before countless of times, and it's one fot the suggestions that'll never make it to the server. Try dueling with somebody in freerun and you'll get the idea why. The player synchronization in mta is so terrible that it makes nice ideas like this impossible to implement.
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