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[Event] NFS:SA Classic Cup - Vol. 1

Napisany przez Tekk, 12-06-2021, 23:53

[Event] NFS:SA Classic Cup - Vol. 1

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Alright guys, so that was the first event of the Classic Cup series, and we'd like to thank you all for joining us today. It was very fun for us to host, and we hope that it was also very fun for you to participate in it.

One thing that I would like to mention here before we move to the spreadsheet part: Many of you's been contacting me about this event and some of you thought that it was made entirely by me. Let me correct you on this - it wasn't. This event was made by a group of people, a team, and two of them didn't even know that they were working together, originally. I'm talking about Evov and Chec. It's those guys who planned the scheme, the rules and also created the maps for this event. Just so the whole deed could even happen. I was already working on something else when this was suggested to me, so I only agreed to change my priority project cause they already managed to finish about 50% of the thing by themselves. Basically, I can at best take the credit for adapting the maps and doing some of the organization work. Not the whole thing. I am very happy to know that there's still people in this community who wants to bring some more good stuff to it, for all of us just to have fun, instead of sitting there and patiently waiting for the place to die, being toxic and angry to each other and everyone. So yeah, what these guys did deserves some respect, and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you all to show them a little bit of appreciation, because they deserve it. Thank you guys.

There's more personalities who weren't mentioned above, but truly deserves a shoutout too. Because without their work the event probably wouldn't even happen or would be hosted in a different way: Orbacle, a good friend of mine, who's once again implemented a new feature for all of us despite being busy with a lot of things IRL. Ivke, for making a cool map that suited the event nicely. He was pretty surprised to see it used for the event, but yeah, it's a good one and it deserved recognition. Remolit, for giving me nifty tips and being a helpful guy for this community in general through years. The rest of the hosts team who is always there to find time and assist all of us despite our community's getting smaller with each month. Last, but not least, all of you guys who still spend your time playing and not leaving the project to die out. If there wouldn't be people playing, there wouldn't be a reason to keep it alive and work on it still.

But yeah, finishing the dramatic part and coming back to the topic, we're providing you the results of the stages and the livery contest:

1. Qualification stage
[Image: BGtySFn.png]

2. 1v1 stage
[Image: d7GtuKj.png]

3. Livery stage
[Image: EU93ioE.png]

I guess that's it. See you guys next time. Peace!

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