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A Battle Pass system.

Napisany przez Nabatse, 28-04-2021, 23:38
A Battle Pass system.

Offline Nabatse

Hi everyone!

(Irrelevant filler text, jump to the next section if you don't care about it.)
Most of the people who read this are probably aware of the current state of the server, some people say it is because of the lack of updates in general, i would say it's because the lack of gameplay features.
As most people know, the core gameplay in this server consists of doing races or police pursuit (and urls but those can be squashed into the racing category). These are very few things, and can become boring pretty quickly. So what can be the solution for this. Either by adding entire new gameplay features (like little activities, more built in events), OR by improving the current ones, like what the developers did with the police pursuit by adding the milestones to it, making it much more enjoyable to play them day by day. I think improving the current gameplay options is better to do in this situation, since this is a Need For Speed server, the main thing should be racing, and adding new different gameplay features which if they are much more enjoyable will keep players away from doing races. So we should improve the racing system with something extra, to make players go do them more. I think a Battle Pass could do this.

(Main section)
So what is a Battle Pass?
I'm not the best when it comes to explaining things, it's better if you search for it yourself if you don't know what it is, or if you want to know all the details about it. But basically, it's a level uping system that exists beside the core gameplay, and rewards the players in certain tiers they achive by earning experience for each tier by playing the game just normally, in addition to the normal rewards they get. Usually it's broken down to seasons, which lasts for few months, and can contain a complete free-2-play tier list which offers less rewards, with another tier list which requires payment but it gives more rewards to the player in each tier. If the current season ends, noone can retrive the rewards from tiers beyond their current achieved tier, and a new season starts with different rewards to obtain.

How could this be implemented to NFS:SA?
It's very basic, and the server could handle it very easily. Let's say we have 50 tiers for our Battle Pass season, each tier has a required RP level to unlock (let's say hyphotetically 1000 RP for the 1st tier, additional 2000 for 2nd and so on), which can be earned by only playing racing (this includes the Quick Races, Custom Races, URLs and Time Trials) and nothing else (neither diamond hunt or magazine RP is allowed here), the RP amount you gained at the end of the races will be added to your Battle Pass level as well, in addition to your car, stats etc. If you collect enough RP for the next tier, you get the reward out of it (obviously it'd be a one time reward), and you can tackle more races for the next tier for more rewards. The rewards could include the standard bp,vp,$ or more RP or a new unique car if you hit tier 30 in one season, or some exclusive vinyls, anything. I don't say exact numbers on this what it should look like, i could, but i think the developers can balance it more well if they would implement this than a random dude on the internet.

How this could help the server?
I think it could help in several ways. Firstly, it can serve as an additional donate option for the server besides the premium, if people want not only the free-2-play tier list, rather more rewards from the more premiumish tier list, they can pay for it, helping the server more and getting more rewards in return. It doesn't make the server pay-2-win either, since it's an optional thing, and isn't required for any other thing the server has offered before. And if people don't want to pay for the premium tier list, they can go just with the free-2-play side as well.
The best way this update could help is by encourageing players more to play races. Those who haven't unlocked A class yet would have more way to advance, or at the very least they can have something to be happy about even if they lose so bad to others, and the veteran players could welcome it as well, since they could have more ambition to play here, more goals to go for even after getting their dream car, or maxing all cars.

These are my thoughts on this, what do you think about this?
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Offline YoWorstNightmare

That really isnt a bad idea, honestly.
That could be the kind of thing that could keep players playing on the server for a longer time, but something like this requires time to develop, especially since Orby is alone doing it.
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Offline Raven.

well they generally use such system on fps games , imo it wouldn't fit to nfssa
[Image: 6153b647692f921e44bb35cc3a665fa2.gif]

Offline Max59

It's a pretty cool idea overall. Tho I wouldn't call it "Battle Pass", something more like "Racing Pass".
[Image: Xy4G0aO.png]

Offline Nabatse

(29-04-2021, 07:59)Raven. Wrote: well they generally use such system on fps games , imo it wouldn't fit to nfssa

I understand why you think that, since most games that use this system are based on shooting gameplay, like pubg,fortnite or world of tanks. But something like magic the gathering arena uses this as well, on a name of mastery pass, so i don't think it's exclusive to a certain game type. Also nfs sa has some features already which isn't fit the nfs theme (e.g SUVs) at all, a system like this wouldn't hurt much more imo.
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Offline Remolit

That's an alright idea, and it's fairly easy to come up with the tasks and rewards.
People have a short attention span though and it may just be ignored after 2 weeks.

You mentioned things that don't fit. There are unfitting things, but SUVs appeared in UG2 so technically they do fit

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