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Sprint The Final Countdown

Napisany przez ivke, 06-02-2021, 18:47
Sprint The Final Countdown

Offline ivke

Map Name:The Final Countdown
Type:Sprint, Speedtrap
Map Length: 5.1km 
Location:Los Santos
Author: :Ivkeee

[Image: sisa.png]


Offline Nabatse

Pretty pretty good map! The first sprint map in Los Santos in a long time that i would really like play on, good job
[Image: 05f9f19ae6704e9377f7abb13ee9e055.gif]


Offline benjabrown2005

nice map but, where is the music? ;-;

Offline lotek12

Map looks so good, have very oryginal race line, i want check it on server Big Grin

Offline MisterJohnson

Yeah, maps is wild af but why no eurobeat music?

Offline ivke

(27-02-2021, 02:57)MisterJohnson Wrote: Yeah, maps is wild af but why no eurobeat music?

All the other maps that people have recently done don't have music in the video,so why did i get 2 comments about this?And to be honest,i don't get what me putting in music would change something.

Offline MisterJohnson

Relax fam, its just a joke, there's really not much to talk about in your video, maps seems consistent, route has lots of unusual corners and its pretty creative on some parts.

Offline KillZone

Seems cool, +1.

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