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Circuit-Ocean Flats

Napisany przez ivke, 17-10-2020, 19:35
Circuit-Ocean Flats

Offline ivke

Another map by me,enjoy.

Map name:Ocean Flats
Location:San Fierro
Author: :Ivkeee
[Image: yes.png]


Offline Raven.

nice map there, I hope it'll be added.

Offline Andr3zESP

Nice map

Offline scaftz

It is not nice.

0:01 - Don't overuse these orange thing. They are ugly. You should also remove the excessive amount of Elegants parking there.
0:08 - Make the arrow cover through this whole corner. It is quite missleading as it kinda point the route go into the alleyway until you saw the car blocking there.
0:12 - Arrows again here.
0:19 - Again, orange thing. looks like can be jumped on but not. Use arrows
0:31 - Lazy detected.
0:36 - Lazy x2.
0:50 - ORANGE.

Flat Queens Ocean Lite, pretty much. The route has very little thing that makes it different than the other similiar map. Object placements are also not good enough. I don't think it is worth adding.

We all know nac2 is such a fucking buggy little piece of shit tool but please bear with it and attempt to make curved arrows in most occasions. Those 90° arrows maybe good to counter wallgrinding, but on top of that it is actually look cheap and ugly. I also don't see wallgrinding on those turns may benefit neither. Also your map layout is compact. Meaning, decoration amount should be reduced to prevent poor map performance as the game may load both opposite sides of the route simultaneously. That's own experience from the same mistake i did with one of my maps.

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