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The Big NFSSA Vent/Rant (for a brighter future)

Napisany przez takigosciu, 04-10-2020, 14:42

The Big NFSSA Vent/Rant (for a brighter future)

Offline 86DrifterYT

Yes, NFSSA community in a nutshell.
ngl I'm fed up with it. I would recommend playing on the server if you enjoy collecting, customizing and racing cars without any toxic rivalry, just friendly competition. And join the discord at your own risk, trust me you'll get tired of the nfssa discord community and leave it just like me. I prefer interacting good people in other great communities but the nfssa discord isnt worth talking in, just be there for knowing about updates and nothing else. Also I aint coming back to nfssa discord so quit all hopes.

Edit: also Taki forgot to mention I appreciate how you pointed out these main things that shows how poor the community is, hope this shit gets fixed or we might lose this great feature rich mta server to ashes.

Another edit: I'll be back on the discord for now, curious about the updates, wont be active on the community tho.
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