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New Challenger: Silvfang

Napisany przez Silvfang, 04-10-2020, 08:03
New Challenger: Silvfang

Offline Silvfang

Hey there, speed freaks, car lovers, killers of the road, riders of the storm...ok, enough XD. 

I hope you are having a nice day! This whole concept of turning GTA SA into NFS is just wonderful. I am so surprised by the work that was put on the servers, sur, there might be bugs but for a free server? Man, this is awesome!

I am also new to the server (4 days I think). I have met some nice racers and I also wanted to join the forum too! 

I am also down to level my vehicle to the one of new players. I know it is hard to start with lots of veterans and you might want a challenging race you can win...now I don't promise a challenge per se, but surely promise to try my best, who knows? We can be race buds! I am updating this profile soon Smile

Offline scaftz

Hey welcome to the server.
It is also the same reason why i stick with this server for so long. You should be able to beat the veterans with enough effort put in your driving and setups.

Offline Silvfang

Oh, indeed. The the time will come to carry on the torch and help new racers reach to the top and so on. Also, the community is really nice!

Online kayra999

Hello and welcome to server!

I guess you can call me one of those "veterans" or "tryhards" name is Evov777 I use Essex777 at the moment
I am glad to have new people in this server please have fun and good luck with tops.
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Online Raven.

welcome and hi.
good luck with races, have fun.

Away bamers

Silverfang, huh?
welcome aboard my fellow hero
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