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Kuruma parts...

Napisany przez Junior619, 12-08-2020, 02:52
Kuruma parts...

Offline Junior619

Hi, my name is Junior, I'm 14 years old and I live in Brazil, I've been looking for the kuruma parts for 3 days but I don't think at all, they told me that the premium helps but unfortunately at the moment I can't spend any money because pandemic the bills here of known house a little high since I spend most of my time at home. I've stayed in every corner marked to find the kuruma, but no way do I find that part. What should I do to find without buying premium? It seems that it is impossible, I am already getting discouraged because I spent my time looking for the pieces so that in the end there are two missing. But the server is good and I have a lot of fun on it, whenever I try to speak in English without using the Google translator  Big Grin

Offline MatthewChow

In case you haven't found them yet, here's a clue:
Parts are not further than 50 meters away from the main roads (the ones marked on the map).
I know it might seem impossible to find, but they are just -that- well hidden.
Take down every tree you find beside the road, drive through every shrubbery and look at the tall places, as well as the things beneath you.
Good luck.
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I told you it was coming!

Offline ZAX25

If you haven't found it yet, a good way is to set the night time and turn on HDR contrast (can be found in the settings on the server or the F11 key in Freerun), the parts are slightly backlit so these settings will make your search a little easier.
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Offline darealarusham

check every single corner?idk,i think it mostly depends on how well you know the desert,and keep on constantly checking the parts map to see whether you are still in the zone or not.hope it helps.

Offline darealarusham

also make sure you're searching for the parts in a d class car,i once met this retard (no offense to that person) that was searching for A-Type parts in an e class car.dont be like that guy

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