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Suggestions for server.

Napisany przez Tadielka, 07-04-2020, 14:52

Suggestions for server.

Offline scaftz

It's not "might not" be P2W, it is totally not P2W. You can also be better and quicker than a paying player by remain as a free player. That's just different progression level doing their thing. Also you can't just say you didn't said anything about winning here, you literally just talked about P2"W". You can't talk about P2W without defining what is winning.

You see getting a faster car is winning here. While it is correct since obviously faster cars wins against slower ones, but no, it is not pay to win. Because free players also have the possibility of obtaining such faster car.

Offline Tadielka

My whole idea of adding features to premium was to make it worth it, so players have better reason to buy it. I was thinking about geting one, but honestly, its just for the sake of servers life, not for players benefits (apart from having lots of cars). The whole idea was to make premium more desirable. In that way people MIGHT buy it more often for sake of getting those bonuses. This upgrade to premium has potencial to get more donations for server, which is always a good thing. I really like this server, whole idea of nfs in gta, but honestly, whole grind takes away all the fun. Even with small bonuses, like during easter (the x1.5 bonus) is making whole grind bearable as well as making players to grind even more, cuz they wont have that bonus later, therefore more players are playing and going on races during this period. Also, part about P2W, how is it P2W, when you just get bonuses for progresion, which only unlocks faster cars? URL has classes, races can be adjusted so there is limit for car score, so i dont see any way how is it P2W in any way. I really hope i made some sens writing this and also sorry for any grammatical errors (not native english speaker), but just please, think about this..

Offline adam11101

Premium is only in the game to make things faster for impatient players. You shouldn't add any premium-only content into the game because thats what makes it Pay To Win. Anything other than that is considerable, but I think nowadays its hard to add things to the game, since its working perfectly as of now. Maybe only misc stuff to make things easier, but that requires digging into the 45k+ rows of code and realistically you cant expect that from the devs who all have a family and jobs to care about.

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