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A Post about Car Balancing

Napisany przez Kush071., 30-03-2020, 02:29
A Post about Car Balancing

Offline Kush071.

So.. a lot of cars from the server feels unbalanced, I think that a good balance for the vehicles should be implemented, e.g in the A class we see the Infernus with a strong performance difference compared to the other A class cars..

Some of them could receive a little improvement to be able to keep up with them like Comet or a Counthash in URLs to be able to reach it's top speed easily

Offline Maumedis

You can beat a maxed cheetah with maxed intruder LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Offline Akatoyaa

meh u just dont know how to dyno it XD

Offline adam11101

Use dyno. Also most races depend on the racing skill of the players. I had my maxed infernus beat with a sultan because I'm bad but I also beat maxed bullets with a clover so... its pretty balanced if you know how to do it.

Offline MisterJohnson

Kush has a simple point, despite having no idea of how deep unbalance is out there...

The point is, some cars have an outrageous power peaks at certain scores, that's due to their handling's uniqueness, such uniqueness that have been denied to be slightly balanced for the sake of "diversity" of cars.

unfortunately, this "diversity" only create meta cars for each URL score as we see:

300 primo, 350 sgt, 400 cheetah and so on.

The point is, it's possible to bring car's handlings to an acceptable balance without making them all the same (Even though that's impossible since the car's performance on cornering isn't affected only by handling lines but also by the distance between it's wheels)

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