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Some interesting suggestions.

Napisany przez DIESEL1000, 23-02-2020, 22:39
Poll: How are those suggestions yay or nay?
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Some interesting suggestions.

Offline DIESEL1000

Dear nfssa racers and staff I have some suggestions and hoping for 50% higher or lower to be added in this interesting project and maybe making this game more interesting as it is at this moment.
Those suggestions wich i want to be in they are quite a lot but here they are:
1.i want for Moobean to be a small update and spoilers added to it since has a widebody kit wich honestly looks like time attack car;
2.some headlights and tail lights for some cars wich the are kind of tiny they not fit or the texture is on the side view or in the rear view mirror;
3.the picador with the beast widebody on it i prefer specific for that body kit to have twin exhaust tips instead of one;
4.i hope i will see a section for the tires to put tire lettering on them Bridgestone,BFGoodrich,Continental,Dunlop,Falken Tires,Firestone,GoodYear,Hankook,Idlers,Kumho,,Nitto,Michelin,Pirelli,Toyo tires,drag tire brans and much more;
5.for classic and muscle class white walls for retro tunning;
6.for outside the pursuit mode the tires not being able to pop even someone tries to make them explode(like an instant repair like when you smack the car into a wall and resets the health instantly);
7.to be a story mode for this nice nfssa project and challenges;
8.the nfssa booster update;
9.in game update for less frame dropping when are 10 to 30 almost near me doing random moves or crahsing into someone;
10.maybe some new engine sounds for some cars i saw the thread and i should not say again about this since is in that list;
11.some new wheel brans added like Rotiform,Anrky wheels,Fifteen52,Skol,Brixstoneforged,etc.
So yea I hope those are my suggestions and hoping for the best fom at least 50% to be added more or less of them.
See you on the San Andreas Streets!(I apologise about my wreck english i hope i wrote those suggestions in the right way and very clear)

Offline MatthewChow

Some are getting worked on.
[Image: gcujj6m264s79wjzg.jpg]
This is also coming this update, totally! I am not useless yet, I swear!

Offline LeonSkript

1- Already being worked on
2- Light texture on mirror is old as shit and no one will bother changing those to make them have some sort of reflection instead of those textures
3- Someone said about this already, wont be changed because of exhaust smoke, they wont make picador have 2 exhausts just because of 1 kit and no they wont edit the kit to remove the empty exhaust area
4 and 5- Already suggested. Answer is still no because it's unnecessary, the server is based on NFS Most Wanted and Underground, those games didn't have editable tires.
6- Again, Underground and Most Wanted. No easy mode NFS Rivals bullshit for your pursuits. Get gud and avoid spike strips
7- NFSSA is mostly an online game, it would be fun to have a story mode buuuut that's too much work, maybe for NFSSA 2 ok? :kappa:
8- Decent idea, but not a lot of players use the booster for this to be a priority
9- The server has too many modified resources, like vinyls, not something easy to fix in MTASA
10- There are sound mods for engines made by Remolit and Whas, no need to update the sounds, just use a mod
11- It has been stated that adding new wheels is A LOT of work, it has some scripting involved along with modeling, doubt we'll have new wheels anytime soon
[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline Tekk

I agree with Skript, except for just one part though - booster actually deserves to be updated. It's very good performance-wise, the only issue with it is that "AVON tyres vinyl fix" that was released in October/November breaks it now. So as soon as this vinyl pops-up on the screen, be it another player using it on their car or you casually scrolling down through the list of manufacturers in the paint shop, it will stop loading stuff on the cars which you will encounter later.

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