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New Challenges for Challenge Series

Napisany przez DXPEZILLV, 19-01-2020, 01:22
New Challenges for Challenge Series


In this topic i have to show you some new challenges to do and also more rewards to get from them [cash , etc.]

1.Police Pursuit Survival [hard]
Car : Manana [without suspension and nos]
You need to survive at least 10 minutes and evade to win 
(Only Phantom and Suvs)
Starting at Abbandoned Airstrip

2.Speed Jet [easy]
Car : Locust 69 [maxed , good dyno]
Track :  Construction (Speedtrap)
Beat 1600 kmh/h in under 6 minutes to win

3. Joker [medium]
Car : Super GT [0% grip , slide like it s on the ice, controller reccomended for better control]
You need to use 5 pursuit breakers to kill 10 cops and evade to win
Police Heat 2 (FBI Premier) 
Starting at Blueberry

4.This could be more longer ? [Easy]
Car : Infernus [good setup]
Track : Long S Haul 
Beat 3:30:00 best of 4 laps to win 

5. Trojan Cop [medium]
Car : Uranus [only nos, tires and suspension good]
You must kill 50 cops and evade to win 
Police heat 3 (Cop Uranus)
Startng at SF Police Station Parking

6. Most Wanted 
Car : Beamer [good setup , BMW M3 GTR LIVERY]
Make 350k bounty to win 
Police heat 5 (VC Banshee)
Starting at Ocean Docks

7.Copmageddon [easy]
Car : Patriot [maxed with good setup]
You must kill 20 cops and evade to win 
Police heat 1 [Cop Premier] 
Starts at Muholland

8. Kansei Dorfito [medium]
Car : Zr [good dyno for drift]
Track : Airport Track 5 [3 laps]
Make 200k points from a single combo to win

9. Challenge 68 from nfs mw [medium , but very long and boring]
Car : Counrhash [maxed , dyno apparently good]
You must survive at least 30 minutes and evade to win 
Police Heat 5 (could increase at heat 6)
Starts at Bayside 

This is what i had in mind , if you have any suggestions about new ideas of challenges , just reply here ! Thanks and have a nice day

Offline broski0909

How about NFS MW Black Edition Challenge #69 ?
The one with orange-black Camaro SS with Heat 7 (SUV's only) ? It was about collecting 500k of bounty if I remember correctly.
Dukes or Tampa could be the Camaro and heat level.. make a new unique level just for the authenticity of a challenge or simply make it 6 xdd

Offline RacerTR

Or Clover
Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: autowp.ru_tvr_cerbera_speed_12_2.jpg]

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