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More pursuit music variety

Napisany przez Megusviant, 10-11-2019, 18:08
More pursuit music variety

Offline Megusviant

Wall of text incoming!

1. The music itself

Currently, there is only one set of pursuit music used - Pursuit Theme no. 3, also known as Kick It Up a Notch from NFS MW.
It's good, don't get me wrong, but hearing the same thing in every single pursuit you have can get mind numbing.
First, I want to suggest to start using alternate music that could randomly play instead of the current theme to bring some variety to pursuits and maybe give us players some more excitement during those chases.
Obviously, there's the rest of the themes from Most Wanted: Theme no. 1, no. 2 and no. 4 (the best one imo).
Carbon reuses the music from Most Wanted, but Undercover gave us some new music, that was also used in NFS World!
Those themes could be potentially used too - there's six of them in total: no. 1, no. 2, no. 3, no. 4, no. 5, and no. 6.
I don't think those are as good and iconic as the ones from Most Wanted, but they're there if the devs want to use them.
Even if only one of those themes ended up being added into NFS SA, I think it'll still help with the pursuit action in-game.
Also, Most Wanted had a cool thing where every 10 minutes during a pursuit, the currently used pursuit theme would be swapped out for another one.
I think this could be introduced into NFS SA along with new pursuit themes, so longer pursuits wouldn't have the same music blasting for 20 minutes.

2. The interactive music system

In NFS MW, the pursuit music was interactive - it adapted to the current situation of the pursuit, whether you just got spotted by the police, the heat level was close to getting increased, you were close to evading the cops, the cops were getting the upper hand, and so on.
You can see how, for example, how Theme no. 1 from NFS MW has a lot of sequences designed for those situations (there's a list of them in the video description).
The corresponding music sequence would play in rhythm of the music, as in - it wouldn't just fade in unannounced.
If you don't know what I mean, take a look at this video, and focus on the music. While it might seem like the music changes for no reason, that's actually the game adapting the music to the current situation.

NFS SA has this, but in a very basic and simplified form. If you are close to getting busted, then the "getting busted" sequence fades in. If you evaded the cops and you're in the cooldown stage, the "cooldown" sequence fades in. Otherwise, it just plays a loop of a mix of various other sequences.
I understand that making a proper interactive music script would probably take a lot of time, and I don't know if it'd be even possible, given MTA's scripting limits and all that (heck, it's probably even harder than I think). I also understand that the current state of this system might already be a result of MTA's limitations, but the current "fade in-fade out" interactive music just gives off a feeling of being half-assed.
I'm sure this probably won't be implemented, given how much work would go into improving the interactive music, but hey - maybe some day.

3. Police radio chatter

Just a minor thing here, because I don't think it's as important (most players probably wouldn't even notice any changes :P).
The current police chatter in NFS SA is pretty basic - the police only says basic things, and there isn't a lot of variance in both policemen voices and the lines themselves.
After a couple of pursuits, you can easily notice what lines are repeated.
This isn't a problem exclusive to NFS SA (in my opinion, at least) - Most Wanted's police radio could also become repetitive after some time, but it still handed this thing better: there were a couple of policemen voices, and each response had a couple of line variations per policemen voice. There were also much more cool details that you could hear from time to time - for example: after being spotted, the cops would quickly describe your car by color and manufacturer (although sometimes they called your car just a "sports car"), but there were some alternate lines for this action - for instance, they could call your BMW a Beamer ;) !
Anyways, my point is - the radio chatter during pursuits could be improved to at least give the cops more response variation. This would help a bit with the repetitiveness of the police.
But again, I understand if this won't be added into NFS SA, after all, those are small details, that not everyone would even notice and appreciate.

That's all I had to say - please leave your opinions and criticisms if you have any. Thanks for reading!

Offline Rafaea512

Dude i really wanted to have this for the pursuit update. Milestones were a great update wich makes the pursuits more MW-ish also Beamer is a cool car but i seriously i was hoping to have more pursuit songs alongside with chatters and infractions.
Supporting this, +1
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3416645]

Offline KitsuneAmy

I personally have the pursuit music turned off because I don't want dramatic music to make a stressful situation MORE stressful, but I do support more varied police chatter, and I suppose more music tracks for those that choose to keep the pursuit soundtrack enabled.

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