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Circuit Pedal to Medal

Napisany przez kayra999, 04-11-2019, 20:54
Circuit Pedal to Medal

Offline kayra999

=Map Name=
        Pedal to Medal


          =Map By=             =Location of Map=            =Map Type=

            Evov777                   Countryside                     Circuit

(2 of 4 maps)

Offline AngelonXD

Looks nice, but put more accesoryes

Offline Remolit

Like bleach to my eyes.
Don't use cars, put other indications.
Fix this:
all curved walls - they either clip into the ground, start out of thin air randomly, or simply look pathetic. fix that
0:16 - that wall serves no purpose
0:29 - rework the arrow wall: make it start from the building on the right, end at truck-stop wall angle
0:34 - NO. Put PROPER indication like barriers or a fallen tree with a short arrow wall above it
0:35 - add a curved wall on the left to show the direction
0:44 - what? why are there barrel stacks in the middle of the road?
0:45 - make the arrow wall start closer to the wall
0:51 - add a tree to the end of that wall
0:57 - please fix that arrow placement. make it start at the FENCE, not the garage building
0:59 - bruh
1:06 - use a curved wall to properly show where to turn
everything else - put trees or some other decoration to properly show the bounds of the track and intended corner cuts.
After that's done it will be "ok"

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