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Couple of suggestions

Napisany przez briggie, 25-10-2019, 17:54
Couple of suggestions

Offline briggie

Hi guys I have a few suggestions for this server. Nothing here changes the game just adds more content. 

More Tasks
There should be more Tasks in game than just 3 levels. TPs are really useful and even veteran players can benefit since this add more content. Players could race to complete tasks like players raced to unlock achievements on classic server. This wouldn't devalue TPs as the Tasks would be more and more difficult. Level 3 for Circuit wins is 90 so Level 4 could be 180, Level 5 360 and so on. 

Car class races
I'm not asking to replace Car Score ranking system just to add an option in Custom Race maker to make class specific races. Just add a simple checklist to select which classes to allow or ban. This would benefit new players who don't understand the Car Score system and just max out their car. Leave URL classes as they are.

New URL lobby
Make it possible to select cars in URL lobby screen like in Custom Race browser. For example you come in your 300 Sultan but the 300 lobby is empty, you could just switch to your 350 SGT and join that 5 player 350 lobby. 

Tournament mode
We select 2-5 tracks and get points just like on URL. Rewards would be calculated the same as normal races. For example, in a 2 track tournament if i finish 1st on a 6 lap Santos Ride and 3rd on Three Cities Sprint, i would get rewards like i got 1st and 3rd in two normal 4/4 races. Maybe some bonus on final tournament placing and/or number of races. This would make it easier to organize crew wars. 

Lap Knockout
It's Lap Knockout i don't have to explain it. 3 laps, last one on each laps gets knocked out. This would need to be a 4/4 race or you cant start. Rewards should be the same as a normal 3 lap Circuit.

Offline Akatoyaa

Big + for Car class selection in custom race cuz some of car classes are much better than other. For eg. A class in ~max 400 score race, science a class cars are to easy to handle and have to high top speed stock, its made them op on this score.
In general good suggestions.

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