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Reporting Reinvy

Napisany przez SONCA1609, 05-09-2019, 05:08

Reporting Reinvy

Offline fabibastien

There are limits on saying what is true for you, versus what it is to commit disrespect against a specific group of people. Things should be thought of 10 times before throwing shit at anyone.

How would you feel if you were told something similar?

For you to think, how ridiculous your comments are, and also supporting abusive behavior.

Offline MatthewChow

Dudes... It's a game. It's meant to have fun with it, unless your idea of fun is a lot different than mine.
If I banned everyone that called me a furry, gay, retard, midget, or pedophile in the past, there would be barely any players left here.
And I think any of those are worse than being called a ricer... Just saying.
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Offline SONCA1609

MatthewChow i agree with u, haters gonna hate. Thats becose i dint report the two duds that start the trash, im only reporting the mod for not doing his thing.

Offline MatthewChow

I think you're not getting the picture right...
Let me clarify what I meant.
Let it go and focus on having fun and actually playing game.
The chat is not meant to take seriously, ever. Look at it from the better side.
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Look what's coming!

Offline BUNNY

I agree with Matt and the guys. It's not provocative, abusive or not thoughtful for a staff member to have his opinion outside of his rank. Since I am a staff member I have never muted, kicked or banned anyone for insulting me personally or the crew, however I took actions when it was directed to my staff position or to other players. So, no biased thoughts should be counted when moderating. And a small FYI, it is quite hard to operate when users see "staff you" and "player you" as the same person. Cheers!
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