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Highway Battle from Undercover

Napisany przez Rafaea512, 22-07-2019, 17:54
Highway Battle from Undercover

Offline Rafaea512

Hey everyone.
As you know im suggesting a new gamemode for the server. Not the Canyon Duels from Carbon but yes the Highway Battle from NFS Undercover
If you played Undercover you know how this will be, if not, im going to explain it.
Highway Battles are like Freeroam Duels/Outruns but way harder
You and your rival will be in the Highway with a high amount of cars in the traffic (note: they will not move since making traffic AI will take a long time, so they will be objects) with a certain time limit. If your are leading 1000ft far of you rival, you will win the race and viceversa for your rival.
Getting totaled is also relevant on this, if you crash with the traffic at high rate of speed, your car will get totaled, giving the victory to your rival and viceversa
Here is a demo from the original Undercover:

Also the original song will be included in the races, hear it here:

So yeah that's all the suggestion, hopefully it gets accepted by the community since no one requested this, see ya.
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Offline scaftz

Play Escape From San Andreas sprint. Pretty much the same in term of race situation and what you have to do to win.

Offline Rafaea512

It dosent feels like the original tbh
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Offline susis

So drag but in escape from san andreas

Offline RacerTR

We already have escape from sa and duels Highway Battle will be meanless
Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: autowp.ru_tvr_cerbera_speed_12_2.jpg]

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

Undercover best nfs
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